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Cat Tetherball

Tetherball today; world domination tomorrow. Mark my words - this should freak you out.

Every Day Is Caturday 7 years ago

Cat And Baby BFFs

I'm going to warn you, there's not a ton going on here beyond a big fat cat and a baby taking a nap together. But ask yourself this: Do you really need any more than that?

Every Day Is Caturday 8 years ago

Cat Playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

From a quick survey of the game, it seems like the best strategy here would be to equip her deck with a Black Salvo and a Cyber Dragon, then really just let loose! But I'm sure the cat knows what she's doing.

Every Day Is Caturday 8 years ago

Cats Being Eaten By Couches

The sofas of the world are hungry. No longer satisfied with the taste of loose change, their appetites can only be satiated with cats.

Tia 9 years ago

Kitty Super Bowl Face-Off

Whether you're cheering for the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday, there's an adorable feline super-fan suited up and ready to represent your favorite team! (Via.)

catsparella 9 years ago

0 Cats (And 27 Bunnies)

So you and your cat have been together for a few years and the relationship has gotten a bit stale. What do you do to spice things up? Role-play!

Tia 9 years ago

21 Cats With Fur Hearts

These kitties don't just wear their hearts on their sleeves, they wear it on their fur, too! (Via.)

catsparella 9 years ago