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The 17 Best "Invisible" Cat Pictures

A well-known fact: Cats are amazing mimes. All images via I Can Has unless stated otherwise.

  • 1. Invisible Bike

  • 2. Invisible Sandwich

  • 3. Invisible Snow Shovel

  • 4. Invisible Text Message Break Up

  • 5. Invisible Window Installation

  • 6. Invisible Chess

  • 7. Invisible Football

  • 8. Invisible Shopping Cart

  • 9. Invisible Waltz Partner

  • 10. Invisible Corncob

  • 11. Invisible Movie Explosion

  • 12. Invisible Slam Dunk

  • 13. Invisible Race Car


  • 14. Invisible Lawn Mower


  • 15. Invisible Swimming Pool


  • 16. Invisible Revolving Door


  • 17. Invisible Roller Coaster


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