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Story Of My Life, Party Edition.

Pretty much describes my social behavior in group situations to a T. And I know I'm not the only one. Heeeere, kitty kitty.

Bizzy B 8 years ago

Zombies, Run! A Fitness Game for Your iPhone/Android.

Need to change up your workout routine in a big way? A sweet UK video game company called Six to Start is currently developing a new iPhone/Android app to zombify your daily run. Can you think of a better way to get in shape for the zombie apocalypse? Help the game creation process along by pledging your zombie-smashing bucks here. Now get ready to run. Via Laughing Squid.

Bizzy B 8 years ago

Voice Actors As Their Most Famous Video Game Characters

Dorkly put together an awesome compilation of famous video game characters mashed up with the voice actors who portray them. Is it me, or is Crash Bandicoot's voice actor *exactly* what you were expecting him to look like?

Bizzy B 8 years ago

Celebrating America at the White House Last Night

The scene at the White House was completely nuts and unlike anything I have ever seen. Cars honking, people singing patriotic songs, and beach balls bopping through the air. We even saw a guy run by wearing this. Were you there? Submit your pictures!

Bizzy B 8 years ago

Epic Bar Tab

Ridiculous bar tab from a Canadian bar over this past weekend. And most importantly, what are cheeseburger spring rolls, and where can I get some? (The Flint Skinny, via Bizzy B Blogs).

Bizzy B 8 years ago

World's Most Expensive Hot Dog - The "Haute" Dog

NYC restaurant Serendipity 3 now serves the world's most expensive hot dog, a steal at $69. Some of its features: truffle oil, a Germany-imported pretzel bun, and pure beef. Kinda seems to defeat the purpose of a hot dog, but maybe that's just me. (Helablog, via Bizzy B Blogs).

Bizzy B 8 years ago

Spocktopus Tattoo

I wish I had as many legs as a Spocktopus so that I could give the "live long and prosper" sign to the artist, Dan Limon, eight times at once.

Bizzy B 8 years ago

The 20 Best Cat Towers

Is there such a thing as spoiling your cat too much? Seriously, is there?

Bizzy B 8 years ago

...And They Lived "Happily" Ever After

Our favorite fairy tale characters have just been served a dose of reality, y'all. All images are part of a series called "Fallen Princesses" by Dina Goldstein. (Via Cosmolicious).

Bizzy B 8 years ago