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Valentines Dot Gov

Because every American deserves affordable Valentine's Day coverage.

Len Kendall 6 years ago

Golf: Welcome To Hell

"The pros don't go home and practice your swing, and neither should you."

Len Kendall 6 years ago

What Women Want

A non-threatening (kinda) group of guys explain what the XX chromosome set really appreciates.

Len Kendall 6 years ago

Manifesto: Enjoying The Web

Some advice on enjoying the most powerful invention of our time, the internet. No offense to bacon flavored chocolate.

Len Kendall 6 years ago

Facebook Re-Imagined

A designer created this concept for what Facebook COULD look like. Spoiler alert: your mom can still poke you.

Len Kendall 7 years ago

Choose Wisely

It's not mutually exclusive, but you do often have to pick one in life.

Len Kendall 7 years ago