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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This Is Why It’s A Bad Idea To Have A Lady Doctor Who

Doctor Who isn’t the first science-fiction or fantasy franchise to mess around with a good formula by replacing a man with a lady. Let’s take a quick look at how that’s worked out in the past ...

Which New "Doctor Who" Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There can only be one Eleven! WARNING: SPOILERS TO FOLLOW

15 Things That Would Happen If "Doctor Who" Time-Travelled To Australia

"The Doctor can understand all languages in the universe EXCEPT the Australian accent, which completely confounds him!" - Steven Moffat

How Much Of A Whovian Are You?

Take this quiz to find out how much of a Doctor Who fan you really are! Sorry, includes only things from New Who because I haven't seen Classic.

20 "Doctor Who" Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

"I try never to understand. It's called an open mind." (WARNING: SPOILERS.)

Which Doctor From "Doctor Who" Had The Best Look?

Over a dozen different looks. Which is the best?

18 Eleventh Doctor Tattoos For Your Inner Raggedy Man

I am definitely a mad man with a box!

Can You Identify The "Doctor Who" Episode From An Image Of The Doctor?

True Doctor Who fans only. Difficulty: Expert

Which New Doctor Should You Accompany Across Time And Space?

The new Doctor Who companion is... you!

Do You Have The Curse Of The Timelords?

Are you a centuries old, time traveler with a knack for running into trouble?

27 Things That Happen When You Decide To Watch Doctor Who For The First Time

Your Facebook feed keeps coming up with mentions of "Tardis" and "Capaldi" and "Allons-y", whatever that means, so you've decided it's time to get up to speed.

Who Knows

A short story about a girl, twelve Doctors, and how some things just never change even though they really do.

Creating Ms. Clever (Awesome Doctor Who Cosplay For Under 10 Bucks!)

Junk is the South's greatest resource, and especially when you are a Southern Cosplayer! Step by step instructions on how to make the cyber faceplate from 'A Nightmare in Silver' for under 10 dollars!

Doctor Who Reference In Cape Cod Dunes

two teenagers recreated the Ponds' crop circle in the sand

How DOCTOR WHO Convinced This Guy To Lose Weight, Get In Shape And Run A Marathon

Tired of being overweight and unhappy, this NYC actor became inspired by the DOCTOR WHO universe and decided to go on his own adventure ... then he wrote a kick-ass rock musical about it!

The Evolution Of Doctor Who's Rory Williams

The transformation from the Doctor's lovable nurse companion into WOW WHERE DID WE FIND YOU. **This is also the place for a spoiler alert.**

Explaining Doctor Who's Vibe, With Pictures.

Sometimes it's hard to explain Doctor Who to someone. These are pictures, that you can show, help explain the vibe of Doctor Who, to a non-Whovian. Plus, you can show people the pictures out of context, and freak them out... (Some people may consider some of these spoilers, but they barely give away any information.)

DIY Sonic Screwdriver Wand And TARDIS Wand Box

Get the complete instructions on Instructables: wand and box.

A Journey Through Space, Time, And The Doctor’s Wardrobe

In its 51-year history, Doctor Who has featured not only 13 actors but a slew of wardrobe changes, which reflect not only the incarnation of the character but also the times in which we live.

The Internet Has A Lot Of Emotions About Matt Smith's Final "Doctor Who" Episode

These emotions are mixed, but a lot involve crying. Note: This post contains many, many spoilers.

The 12 Days of Doctor Who

A new take on the “12 Days of Christmas” by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly. A definite Christmas WIN!

A Hat-Based Guide To "Doctor Who"

1,000-plus years of everyone's favorite hat-donning time lord.

The Official Trailer For The Doctor Who Christmas Special Is Here!

I don’t know about you, but I plan Christmas day around the Doctor Who special. This year will be big. We’ve seen an official image, but now we also have the first trailer. The 11th Doctor is taking a bow, and the 12th Doctor will take the stage. It looks like about every bad guy possible will appear in the episode; the trailer has Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels. If nothing else, Matt Smith is going to go out with a bang.

19 Exciting New Pictures From The "Doctor Who" Christmas Special

It's all gearing up again. And we've only just finished flailing from the 50th.

50 Years Of "Doctor Who" In One Amazing Remix

What better way to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who than to commemorate it with an awesome dance mix super-cut?

Listen To Steven Moffat Talk "The Day Of The Doctor"

The showrunner was grilled by the world's media at the official celebration event.

The Internet Has Feelings About "The Day Of The Doctor"

A lot of these feelings are eyebrow-related. Spoilers, obviously.

Steven Moffat Explains The Big "The Day Of The Doctor" Twist

The Doctor Who showrunner explains why he has changed the show's mythology.

26 People Who Really, Really Love "Doctor Who"

People who dress up like the Doctor for lots of different reasons.

Ranking Every Episode Of The Modern "Doctor Who"

Three Doctors, 83 stories, so many emotions. This is just one attempt at ranking every modern episode of Doctor Who, from worst to best.

This Is The Ultimate "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Drinking Game

Guaranteed to get you hammered enough to steal a TARDIS. Illustrated by PaintDoktahWho!

The Real Science Of "Doctor Who"

A whole load of wibbly wobbly timey wimey sciencey goodness. Fantastic!

Now There's Yet Another "Doctor Who" Minisode

The Last Day has gone online. And all is not well on Gallifrey.

Science Proves A Two-Hearted "Doctor Who" Time Lord Is Possible

Minus the time travel powers though. And the regeneration.

The Strange Birth Of "Doctor Who"

Fifty years ago, three unlikely people came together to make a new children's programme. A programme that would change the country forever.

Which New "Doctor Who" Companion Are You?

EVERYONE GET IN THE TARDIS. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Clara, Jack, and River too... oh my!

This Is What Happened When The "Doctor Who" People Visited Buckingham Palace

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, held a special reception to celebrate the programme. Assuming my invite was lost in the post, guys.

25 Reasons Why Steven Moffat Is The Biggest Troll In Television

Moffat, please, just, please stop. It hurts so much.

Incredible "Doctor Who" Tapestry Illustrates The Entire History Of The Series

Artist Bill Mudron's "Baywheaux Tapestry" is the the most beautiful, intricate 50th Anniversary art so far.

The 50 Things You Need To Know About The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special

The moment is coming. But it has been prepared for.

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos

Brilliant art, just in time for the show's 50th birthday!

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