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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This Is Why It’s A Bad Idea To Have A Lady Doctor Who

Doctor Who isn’t the first science-fiction or fantasy franchise to mess around with a good formula by replacing a man with a lady. Let’s take a quick look at how that’s worked out in the past ...

How Much Of A Whovian Are You?

Take this quiz to find out how much of a Doctor Who fan you really are! Sorry, includes only things from New Who because I haven't seen Classic.

Who Knows

A short story about a girl, twelve Doctors, and how some things just never change even though they really do.

Explaining Doctor Who's Vibe, With Pictures.

Sometimes it's hard to explain Doctor Who to someone. These are pictures, that you can show, help explain the vibe of Doctor Who, to a non-Whovian. Plus, you can show people the pictures out of context, and freak them out... (Some people may consider some of these spoilers, but they barely give away any information.)

The Official Trailer For The Doctor Who Christmas Special Is Here!

I don’t know about you, but I plan Christmas day around the Doctor Who special. This year will be big. We’ve seen an official image, but now we also have the first trailer. The 11th Doctor is taking a bow, and the 12th Doctor will take the stage. It looks like about every bad guy possible will appear in the episode; the trailer has Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels. If nothing else, Matt Smith is going to go out with a bang.

50 Reasons To Love Doctor Who

We're just a month away from the 50 Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, and here are 50 good reasons to love Doctor Who.

The Doctor's Thoughts For The Class Of '99

Okay, so it's 2013, and it's either a little late or much too early for a graduation speech, but it's not like the Doctor was going to be on time anyway.

Mind Blowing Doctor Who Coincidence.

Oh how I love a Who coincidence! We all know this hidden gem from the Family of Blood outake, but watch again, and listen. Prepare to possibly have your mind BLOWN at 0.51.x

Doctor Who Inspired Graduation Cap

Allons-y! On to the next adventure... Incorporates 9th (Bad Wolf), 10th (Allons-y) , and 11th (Bow Tie) Doctors... and the TARDIS of course.

Cooking WIth Doctor Who

Because, let's face it: after 900+ years, the man's bound to have some good cooking tricks.

A Female Doctor?

Since the show began on 23 November 1963, the TARDIS traveling Time Lord has been just that... a Time Lord. Is it finally time for a Time Lady? Who knows?! But here are three actresses re-imagined as the infamous and beloved Doctor Who.

Blink To The Future

This "Doctor Who"/"Back to the Future" mash-up is everything you ever wanted in a Saturday morning cartoon.

Doctor Who's TARDIS Got A Redesign

It's bigger...and more spartan...on the inside. For the 50th anniversary special, the traveling police box is geting a makeover.

Super-Cute Toddler's "Doctor Who" Blazer

Reese Dixon couldn’t find an 11th doctor blazer to fit her adorable little son, so she decided to make one of her own.

The “Doctor Who” Christmas Special Poster

Here is the official poster for the Doctor Who Christmas Special and it is completely free of those scary snowmen. Just don't look too closely at the center of those snowflakes.

The Doctor Who Workout / Drinking Game

If you’re having a marathon session of Doctor Who, you may as well try to have the exercise of an actual marathon to go with it! Or you can make it into a drinking game instead (either way, you will probably pass out).

4-Year-Old Reviews "Doctor Who"

Lindalee Rose is four years old and watches Doctor Who. She not only checks out the series every weekend, she reviews each episode in videos that are so cute they might just kill you.

Sweet TARDIS Latte Art

A barista after the hearts of Doctor Who fans everywhere.

Tardis Wedding Cake Topper

This is an amazing wedding cake topper for any Doctor Who fans out there who are getting married!

Doctor Who Inspired Fanart

Just this year, I discovered and became a huge fan of Doctor Who. So, since comic-con is in the air, I thought I'd share.

"Doctor Who" Theme Done Rockabilly-Style

The Serbian rockabilly trio "Grandpa Candys" put a nice spin on the classic theme to the BBC sci-fi classic Doctor Who. I love how the video has all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, even Paul McGann!

15 People Who Could Play The Next Doctor

Season seven of Doctor Who is almost here, and it will likely be Matt Smith's last. So who will play the Doctor after he's gone? It's such a tough balance to strike. The perfect candidate needs to be able to express glee and anger in equal measure. And every-now-and-then they'll be called upon to completely lose their shit. So who will it be? Follow the countdown to find out.

The Nightmare Before Dalek

A Tim Burton / Doctor Who crossover from the Daily Dalek Webcomic

The Doctor Is A Puppet Now.

Puppets Are Cool! The Doctor Puppet keeps a photo blog about his travels sans TARDIS. He is too freaking adorable.

Dalek Invasion At MIT

MIT’s campus hackers are at again this year. On top of turning an entire building into a giant game of Tetris, they’ve also erected a monument to the universe’s superior beings, the Daleks.

Dalek Avengers

Skaro's mightiest heroes assemble

Doctor Who: The Daemons On Location

BBC Worldwide has released a number of clips from the recently released stories Nightmare of Eden and The Daemons from 1971 on location.

Doctor Woof

You could take over the world with something this adorable. "He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."

Steampunk TARDIS

Time and space.......

5 Ways To Tell If You're A Time Lord

Most people are normal people but it's always good to make sure. Here's a few tips to determine whether or not you happen to be a Time Lord.

Daleks of the Caribbean

Daleks of the Caribbean animation from the Daily Dalek Webcomic

Next Doctor Who Companion Announced

Jenna-Louise Coleman will officially replace Karen Gillan as the main companion in "Doctor Who". The BBC said the Doctor will meet Coleman's character in a "dramatic turn of events as the show builds towards its enormous, climactic 50th anniversary year".

Daily Dose Of Doctor Who

Intellect and Romance over Brute Force and Cynicism.

A Dalek Tea Party

A cartoon mashup, crossover from the Daily Dalek Webcomic

Star Wars - Doctor Who Crossover

Too much geekyness in one picture. Overdosing. Need to go watch an episode of Mob Wives to come down. By Drombyb.

Dalek Trapeze Artist

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, roll up! roll up! for the greatest show not on Earth.

Family Dalek

Dalek Stewie’s murderous tendencies are more accepted and understood by his Dalek Family.

Doctor Who Meme

How we see the Doctor

Doctor Who Convention Coverage- Gallifrey One 2012

Curious about Doctor Who? We let you in on the phenomenon with exclusive interviews of the biggest guests and celebrities from the world of sci-fi. Plus lots of awesome costumes and even a restored TARDIS console!

The Last Supper Of The Daleks

"Could you pass the oil?" This work by Dalek DaVinci has always caused controversy.

10 Fantastic Doctor Who Monsters

If you're a fan of Doctor Who or just getting into it, here are 10 memorable monsters from the series. Which one is your favorite?

Neil Gaiman Has An Incredible Set Of Lungs

There's something charming about this acceptance speech. Gaiman won the SFX Award for writing "The Doctor's Wife" episode of Doctor Who and gave what might be the best response ever.

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