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How Much Of A Whovian Are You?

Take this quiz to find out how much of a Doctor Who fan you really are! Sorry, includes only things from New Who because I haven't seen Classic.

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  1. Check all that apply:

    You've taken a banana to a party.
    When you think something is good, you call it "fantastic!"
    Your favourite colour is Tardis blue.
    Your favourite insult is "You're Mr Thick, thick, thickedy thickface from Thicktown Thickania... and so's your dad!"
    When entering a room, you like to yell, "It's bigger on the inside!"
    You can't help but wonder if the snow is really ash.
    You are afraid to spend Christmas in London.
    The first thing you think when you see a gas mask is, "Are you my mummy?"
    Numbers 1-12 aren't just numbers to you.
    You see a screwdriver and think, "This could be more sonic."
    You tend to run a lot.
    Whenever it's time to go somewhere you say "Allons-y!"
    You think the tenth Doctor and Rose's goodbye scene is the saddest scene in the show.
    And you cried when the Doctor disappeared before he could say those three words.
    You have described something as "wibbly wobbly timey wimey".
    When you make a mistake typing you say out loud, "You will be deleted".
    And you do it in the voice of a Cyberman.
    You count people's shadows and get scared if it looks like someone has two shadows.
    You watch the stars hoping to see a flying blue box.
    When you're bored, you drum your fingers in a pattern of four beats.
    When you find out about something bad that has happened to someone, you say "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
    You cried when the 10th Doctor said "I don't want to go".
    And you laughed when the 11th Doctor found out he still wasn't ginger.
    You think Sontarans look like potatoes.
    When you're trying to sound smart, you say to people, "I'm the clever one, you're the potato one."
    You can't blink when you see a statue of an angel.
    The word "exterminate" gives you shivers.
    You have tried fish fingers and custard.
    Cracks in the wall scare you.
    You use the word "spoilers" a lot.
    When you want your friends to come with you somewhere you say "come along Ponds".
    You think bow ties are cool.
    And fezzes.
    And Stetsons.
    You make a buzzing noise when using a screwdriver.
    You yell "Geronimo!" when you are about to do something scary or exciting.
    You are the only only one of your friends who understands what a paradox is.
    You know that silence will fall when the question is asked.
    You constantly hum the Doctor Who theme song.
    You compare everything you see and hear to things that have happened in Doctor Who .
    You think of Daleks when someone mentions eggs.
    When you see a snowman, your first thought is "Don't think about the snowman".
    You yell "Exterminate!" when you kill someone in a game.
    You constantly check your arms for little lines.
    You don't want to leave your home because if you want to leave you'll be sent upstairs.
    Whenever you walk into a room and forget why you went there for, you assume you have just seen one of the Silence.
    When someone yells "I am talking!" you feel like yelling out "And I'm not listening!"
    You consider yourself a Whovian.

How Much Of A Whovian Are You?

What? Do you even watch Doctor Who? You know next to nothing about the show. Because you're so thick, you're Mr Thick, thick, thickedy thickface from Thicktown Tickania. And so's your dad. And you probably didn't get that reference.

You are not a Whovian at ALL.
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Hello, sweetie. You know the show pretty well.You're a fan of the show, and you're on your way to becoming a Whovian if you keep at it.

You're a Doctor Who fan
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You are a Whovian! Molto Bene!

Molto bene!
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You are obsessed with Doctor Who! You are most definitely a Whovian. Fantastic!

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