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Why You Need To Meet Da'Quan

Da'Quan is an entrepreneurial rapscallion with unwavering swagger and hustle, travelling to universities across the country spreading his fame. With his newest video having just debuted, it's about time the world got introduced to the most baller, fur-trim-winter-coat-wearing, playa in the game today.

Juntunen 6 years ago

Kevin, Who Is Gay

What happens when you forget making the biggest announcement of your life? Find out in this fresh-out-of-the-closet comedy.

Juntunen 6 years ago

All Of Alison Brie's Raps

It's absolutely adorable, as is most things she does. Watch out Donald Glover, Childish GamBRIEno is on the rise!

Juntunen 7 years ago

Jenna Marbles Explains Sports Bras

After a Turkish journalist's article recently gained widespread Internet notice for criticizing the Olympics for "killing womanhood" and saying swimmers were "broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips," Jenna had a few pointed words for the man. [NSFW due to colorful language]

Juntunen 7 years ago

Music Video For Childish Gambino's "Fire Fly"

Even though his "Camp" album is 8 months old and he's put out a popular mixtape in the interim, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has just released this new music video for his single "Fire Fly." It's certainly interesting.

Juntunen 7 years ago

A$AP Rocky & Lana Del Rey's New Song "Ridin'"

The track, which was originally planned for production duo The Kickdrum's mixtape, was pulled and placed on A$AP's upcoming album, "LongLiveA$AP", recently announced to arrive on September 11. They certainly have a thing going, don't they?

Juntunen 7 years ago

Watch Lana Del Rey As Jackie O And A$AP Rocky As JFK

Done laughing? Ok. This is only the "trailer" for the video and features repeated shots, but the sneak peek is definitely worth it. Lana Del Rey, the crooning songstress and part-time "Saturday Night Live" disaster, enlisted the burgeoning Harlem rapper for her music video "National Anthem" to portray the famous First Couple.

Juntunen 7 years ago