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    25 Reasons Why The Fourth Season Of "Community" Is Going To Kick Ass

    Have hope fellow Human Beings. With the departure of Dan Harmon, Chevy Chase, and the October 19th fiasco, fans have been understandably nervous about the potential final season of this beloved show. But don't count Community out just yet.

    1. Because Dan stills loves and believes in this show.

    2. Because Abed continues to make it weird.

    And does a surprisingly convincing Catherine Zeta Jones.

    3. Because the cast loves the fans as much as fans love the cast.

    With great affection comes great responsibility - which the Greendale Seven does not shirk from.

    4. Because an Academy Award winner will still be prancing elegantly around in drag.


    5. Because this is not Chang. It's Kevin.

    6. ANNIE'S BOOBS (squared)

    Now with high-fiving power!

    7. Because Shirley gets a happy ending.


    Dem arms. Yes. Good.

    9. Because the show's disdain for NBC will never die.

    View this video on YouTube

    10. No seriously - it will never die.

    View this video on YouTube

    11. Because statistically, half of #PierceOrChevy is in Season 4.

    12. InSpecTiCon!!!

    Bonus! The Inspector Dances.

    Defeating blorgons with the power of dance since last season.

    13. Because of this emotional roller coaster.

    I already have a box of tissues ready for this, it'll be rough friends.

    14. Because the Season 4 writers are writing under the penalty of death.

    15. Because there will be Piercinald Anastasia Hawthorne origin stories.

    Bonus! More half brother woes means more Giancarlo Esposito in our lives.

    16. And Piercinald Anastasia Hawthorne bro-dates.

    17. Because Leonard is the virgin sacrifice.

    Guess who didn't make it to Denny's?

    18. Because "Come Sail Away" is on the Season 4 soundtrack.


    19. Because many of the amazingly hilarious writers are staying, even if Dan Harmon couldn't.

    20. And they (still) care about what the fans have to say.

    21. Because there's a victory banquet.

    22. Because this is the classy season.

    "We were just about to..."

    23. Because SO MANY TIMELINES.

    And one of them has to end well for this show.

    24. Because what Joel said.


    25. Because there's really nothing left to lose.

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