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Can You Identify The Doctor Who Story From A Picture Of The Doctor?

An extra hard edition of my annual Christmas Quiz for Doctor Who fans... Two screenshots for each Doctor (or one each for Paul McGann and John Hurt).

Willbrooks1989 • 2 years ago

Can You Identify The "Doctor Who" Episode From An Image Of The Doctor?

True Doctor Who fans only. Difficulty: Expert

Willbrooks1989 • 4 years ago

River Song's Timeline In 'Doctor Who'

Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey Wimey... From birth to death - and beyond!

Willbrooks1989 • 4 years ago

7 Strange Places The Missing Episodes Of 'Doctor Who' Have Been Found

Over the years, many missing episodes of Doctor Who have been returned to the BBC... some from unusual places...

Willbrooks1989 • 4 years ago

Can You Guess The "Doctor Who" Episode From The Screenshot?

This quiz is a lot bigger on the inside.

Willbrooks1989 • 4 years ago