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Misty Mountain Rap - A Hobbit's Tale

Bilbo and his dwarf crew let it lyrically flow. Gandalf spits mad hot fire, yo!

Rise Of The Rap Shark

Mr. Shark from ‘Toy Story’ Raps Eminem’s ‘Rap God’.

Life Size Working Lego Car

It's a car made out of legos and it actually works.

Wrecking Ball Roulette

There are scary things that exist on Chat Roulette. This is one of them and it is also extremely funny.

This Man Really Loves Cake.

Is there a way to get cake into my mouth faster? Yes, there is! Introducing the Cake-O-Matic!!

What If Game Of Thrones Was A Teenage Summer Comedy?

The group at Bad Lip Reading remake Game of Thrones into a teenage summer comedy called "Medieval Land Fun-Time World".

The Best Effin Tour Of Disneyland!

This guy gives the lowdown on all the best Disneyland spots. Effin' A!!

Otter Playing With Rock

Playful Otter rolling rock around. So cute, your heart will explode.

Robocop Kickstarter To Save Detroit

Robocop has some great gifts if you donate to his Kickstarter campaign to save Detroit.

Your Definition Of Easy May Vary

Vincent Price explains that taking a picture is as easy as 1, 2, 3...if your are a quantum physicist.

Terking In Public

People enjoy Twerking but just not in public.

Dramatic Reading Of Christian Forums

Real Actors read Christian Forums with funny results. In this section, man interprets Windows OS bug as Divine intervention.

Kitten Complains Too Much

Meet Gripey, the constantly nagging kitten.

Balls Of Steel - The Ultimate Nut Shot

This scene may not be in the final cut of Man of Steel, but it should be.

Dog Really Wants Sausage

Dog's frustration is your enjoyment.

Monkey And Dog Share A Lollipop

More like jerky Monkey swipes lollipop from poor old doggie.

Paw Warz: Star Wars Parody

Star Wars + kittens = internet gold!

Facebook Earth

Absolutely true new Facebook feature. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Big Cats Like Boxes, Too

We all know that house cats like boxes but what about the bigger cats? This video reveals all.

If Songs Were Real

A literal interpretation of popular song lyrics.