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Work In Progress

Daffy having writer's block. Gareth Long's Work in Progress was made as part of a suite of works foregrounding the mechanisms of artistic production.

faithistorment 7 years ago


Microscopic images of alcoholic beverages by Michael Davidson. These high-quality photographs of beers, wines, cocktails, liquors, and mixers were taken after they have been crystallized on a slide and shot under a polarized light microscope.

faithistorment 7 years ago

Amazing Paper Cut Art

Intricate cut paper art by Eric Standley. Really astounding how he creates these.

faithistorment 7 years ago

Floral X-Rays

Beautiful x-rays of flowers by Brendan Fitzpatrick.

faithistorment 7 years ago

3d Popcorn

In order to appreciate this, you'll need 3D glasses. Photography by Kfir Ziv.

faithistorment 7 years ago

12-Inch Record Sleeves Art

Artist Berni Valenta found a use for some 12-inch record sleeves by creating alphabet illustrations on them.

faithistorment 7 years ago

France's Giant Citrus Sculptures

Check out these awesome lemon and orange sculptures from the Fete du Citron festival in Menton, France. The event runs from February through March every year.

faithistorment 7 years ago

Amazing Sound Paintings

German artist Martin Klimas uses splatters of paint positioned on a scrim over a speaker. By turning up the volume, the vibration of the speaker sends the paint dancing as he shoots it through the lens of his Hasselblad camera.

faithistorment 7 years ago

Fun Taxonomy Art

These lowbrow sculptures, as artist Carl Turner refers to them, look more like Dr. Seuss characters.

faithistorment 7 years ago