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Best "Blurred Lines" Cover Yet

Three microphones, a guitar and some fantastic beatboxing and you get the best cover of Robin Thicke's hit song. This is this year's Walk Off The Earth.

GregMattSwan 6 years ago

Your Nightmares, Animated.

David Firth, the man who created cartoons Salad Fingers and Burnt Face Man has created a catalogue of all his animations to celebrate his 100th YouTube video. Not for the faint of heart.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

Awesome Movie Map

The guys over at have made an amazing poster based on the style of a vintage LA street map, made up entirely from film titles. How many do you recognise?

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

Olympics 2012 Etiquette Guide

Do you know how to behave in Britain? Tim Dowling has written a guide on The Guardian website, for any visitors wishing to make the best of London during the summer. Note: read before leaving.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

Break Up On Train Tweeted Live

Be careful where you end a relationship, there are people listening. And tweeting apparently. This incident was caught by award winning blogger Janey Godley and has a somewhat happy ending.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

8 Things That Happened 2 Decades Ago

1992 was a while back now and not everyone was there. Here is a small retrospective, just in case you weren't around then, you whippersnappers.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

YouTube's Greatest Hits

The internet is a great place to showcase musical talent without having to bother about a record deal. Thousands of people use YouTube to show off their skills and these are some of the best. What did I leave out! Add yours!

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

5 Ways To Tell If You're A Time Lord

Most people are normal people but it's always good to make sure. Here's a few tips to determine whether or not you happen to be a Time Lord.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago

Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Break Down

The trailer for the new Doctor Who series, coming fall 2012, arrived online today. Here is a break down for fans of the show and anyone who's pause button is broke on their Youtube.

GregMattSwan 7 years ago