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    New "Iron Man 3" Teaser Trailer Breakdown

    With a full trailer immanent, that Marvel lot decided to decided to release a sneak peek clocking in at 18 seconds.

    Watch it for yourself...

    View this video on YouTube

    Now, here's the breakdown

    First up, here's the man himself, Tony Stark. Big Tony. The Starkster. Ok, I'll stop.

    And he's swarmed by media. Quite normal for him, they're probably asking about that Manhattan Island snafu.

    Now the new suit. He's been playing around with the colour schemes. I'm partial to a bit of hot pink.

    Helicopters. Standard.

    Another shot of the Iron Bro sporting a snazzy haircut.

    Who is this guy? Doesn't matter, Stark has a better haircut (see above).

    Pepper is some kind of pain. Still grieving over Coulson. I feel that hurt.

    AND ACTION SHOT. Felix Baumgartner and friends in peril.

    So, thats the teaser. Full length trailer out on the 23rd! TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY!

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