23 Reasons You Really Should Pay More Attention To Russell Tovey

He’s always in the biggest shows, he does dog selfies… and my word those ears.

So there’s this guy called Russell. Do you know him?

You really should. Why?

1. Well firstly, he’s quite hot.

2. Pretty damn hot.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Tim Whitby / Getty Images


3. I mean, just look at those ears.

Getty Images / Jo Hale/Stringer

4. Poking out sexily at a right angle of brilliance.

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

5. He’s probably noticed that we notice his ears.


But he’s not just hot with ears. He’s also a versatile actor. Want some examples?

6. Well, HBO’s Looking. He’s absolutely ace in that.


He appears as Kevin, Jonathan Groff’s boss, for a few episodes.

And just look at that chemistry between him and Jonathan Groff. It is killing me.

7. In fact he’s so good in it he’s returning as a regular in season 2. He’s really thrilled at this news.

lookingcaps.tumblr.com / HBO / Looking

But he’s also a very talented chap, and has been in absolutely everything.

8. The History Boys? He’s awesome in that as well.

youtube.com / BBC Two Films / DNA Films / UK Film Council

9. In Him and Her? JUST HIM AND ME, THANKS.

BBC Three / Him and Her

agentsbartowski.tumblr.com BBC Three / Him and Her


10. Oh and he’s in that BBC drama that nobody really watches. What is that show again? Oh… Sherlock?


Sherlock. Nah, never really heard of it tbh.

11. Oh he copped off with Captain Jack Harkness (aka. John Barrowman) in Doctor Who.

doctorwhogifs.tumblr.com Doctor Who / BBC Wales



Other things he’s been in? Oh Him & Her, The Job Lot, Being Human, Gavin & Stacey, Little Dorrit, Ashes to Ashes.

12. He’s openly gay too, not like that matters. In an interview with the Independent on Sunday in 2010, he said…

“I sort of challenge people’s perceptions of what a gay man is, which is kinda good. A lot of people become mates with me and say, ‘Let’s go and watch football together…’

Not that I watch football, but they assume that I’m straight, then they get to know me and realise I’m not. And I think by that point, they go, ‘Oh, actually, I like him, he’s all right…’”

13. He’s also well connected to very important people.

14. VERY important people, like the BBC’s Moira Stuart.

BBC Newsreader Moira Stuart is a legend and no-one comes close.

15. Another reason to love him? He also owns a french bulldog. And he takes BULLDOG SELFIES ALL THE TIME.

16. Bulldog selfies like this.

17. And this.

18. True love.

19. He won’t ever fall in love with us because he’s already in love.

20. His dog also poses well with his co-stars, like Nico Mirallegro in a play Tovey is in at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

21. And what can be better than him posing with a dog? Doing a selfie half naked whilst posing with a dog.

His Twitter is also an amazing destination in itself.

You look so hot this morning... Damn... I'm a lucky guy ;-) x

— russell tovey (@russelltovey)

With words of wisdom like…

If you feel nauseous, should you make yourself chuck up or ride it out? X

— russell tovey (@russelltovey)

Dear thoughtful Wittys.. For those concerned I did chuck up and now I feel a million dollars... Thank you and goodnight x

— russell tovey (@russelltovey)


Just broke my oven. Why am I such a dick. Broke the knob off. Smeg x

— russell tovey (@russelltovey)

It is fair to say Russell, that you’re pretty…

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