27 Gendered Products That Prove Masculinity Is Incredibly Fragile

I’m a man and I use man things. I’m not a woman. I’m a man.

1. “Most cotton buds are for the weaker gender, but these are INDUSTRIAL STEEL cotton buds for building and detailing so I am manly.”

2. “Fuck girly sunscreen — this is sunscreen for men. For man skin. Man skin is different to woman skin. It’s manly.”

3. “Only the womens read poetry, but BRO-etry? I’m a man, so I read things for men. Books are scary.”

4. “If I look at men, gay thoughts enter my brain and it’s because of all the men so I just want to look at dogs instead so I don’t feel gay. What if people saw me looking at fully clothed men and thought I was gay?”

5. “When girls wear sweaters that are too large, it scares me. I am a Man and I must be larger than everyone around me to feel like a Man.”

6. “Beds are so so girly, but I need to sleep, so I sleep in a MAN’S BED. For men.”

This is something sent to me in an email by @trnknyc. Masculinity is such a fragile concept.

— Kenn™ R (@k3nnr)

7. “It hides in my pocket so no one sees me making sure my chapped lips get the care they deserve. I have to go in the stalls in the bathroom to apply it. But only when no other men are in the bathroom — or I might look as if I’m in there with them.”

Masculinity is SO FRAGILE. It lays flat in your pocket so other men won't tease you for caring for your lips!!!

— ConnecticutClassic⛵️ (@TheQueenRegnant)

8. “Loofahs are for women, and I’m not a woman, but this is a DETAILER, like what you use for cars, and cars are for MEN.”

fragile masculinity alert via @queermutineer, a body loofah "detailer", as in, for cars or MANLY bodies @SocImages

— Martha Radice (@DrRootz)

9. “None of that women’s soap for me. This is BIG soap. MASSIVE soap. Soap MASSIVE enough to wash my MASSIVE balls, which I have because I’m a MAN.”


— ღ Anna ღ (@rockmeannadeus)

10. “Look how tough and manly this soap is, like how I’m really tough and manly.”

i need a tactical grip on my man soap so i won't drop and shatter my fragile masculinity

— Milkandcooki (@milkandcooki_)

11. “My massive balls mean I only drink men’s tea.”

Masculinity 👏 is 👏 so 👏 fragile 👏

— Apollo (@thisisapollo)

12. “If people see me near bras they will think I’m a girl.”

13. “If I have to cook for others, people might think I’m servile AND MEN DON’T SERVE MEN GET SERVED.”

The Fragile Masculinity Guide to Throwing a Dinner Party

— Sydney Hartle (@Sydney_Hartle)

14. “I need to express my emotions to an extremely ill person, but they might think I’m a woman because of all the emotions, so I need to prove I’m not a woman. I’M NOT A WOMAN.”

How fragile masculinity is. Part 2.

— Mehreen Kasana (@mehreenkasana)

15. “Feelings are for women and I’M A MAN.”

Masculinity is hilariously fragile.

— Relena Warcraft (@miss_sazabi)

16. “How can I be expected to enjoy a fragrant, relaxing, rosemary-scented bath without simultaneously being reminded of the devastating lethal power of an explosive device, OK?”

Traditional masculinity seems... fragile

— Belle Jar (@BelleJarTeam)

17. “Looking at a gay man might make me gay.”

You'd have to be attached to a peculiarly fragile idea of masculinity to author this plaintive graffito...

— Nathan Mercieca (@nathanmercieca)

18. “Nearly touching my own butt just feels wrong, y’know? I have to be reassured that it’s definitely not weird to wipe my own butt.”

19. “Sometimes people put dicks in their mouths, so if I have to put something in my mouth it needs to be ultra-manly. But not gay manly. Manly manly. I’m not gay.”


— not terrible (@empratts)

20. “I saw a woman drink sangria once and I’m not a woman so I need to drink MANgria. I’m not a woman.”

You guys, this is a thing that exists:

— e. (@eisforericka)

21. “Pink is for girls and I am not a girl I am a man.”

22. “I’m eating this pastry treat because I’m a man. Its sweet, sugary deliciousness is for MEN. I’M A MAN.”

Apparently, masculinity is a fragile, dainty and delicate flower which must be coddled at all costs.

— Skyen (@tbskyen)

23. “I’M A MAN”

Thank god I can dry my clothes without risking my fragile masculinity

— felty wap (@HalleyIsAwesome)


Today in Masculinity Is So Fragile

— Apollo (@thisisapollo)

25. “I’M A MAN”

"@alinadorothea: Masculinity is so fragile " Literal crisps that have to be marketed to men, brilliant

— Khalid Awad-Khan (@Khalidandstones)

26. “Smelling like girly shit is so rubbish, I want to smell like GODDAMN ABS LIKE A MAN.”

just in case your masculinity is so fragile that you have to smell like REALLY RIPPED ABS

— kaley (@osnapitzkaley)


Masculinity. Is. So. Fragile. Candles for all your "No Homo" needs. (what does camouflage smell like?)

— ConnecticutClassic⛵️ (@TheQueenRegnant)

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