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    29 Signs You Went To A Scottish Boarding School

    It's just like any other boarding school, but with more haggis and Irn Bru.

    1. You still rely on these bad boys to get you through the tough times.

    2. And you know this is the ultimate treat after a hard day's work.

    3. Your school took rugby VERY seriously.

    4. And you felt an intense dislike towards anyone from your rival schools.

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    Refusing to shake hands at the end of the match was the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger.

    5. Talking of rival schools, away matches could take half a day to get to.

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    Bloody Gordonstoun.

    6. You expect a full pipe band to turn up at every special occasion.

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    Anything less is just disappointing.

    7. And you know that no party is complete without a ceilidh.

    8. Nobody can quite place your accent.

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    "Why is your accent so messed up?!"

    9. And even though you probably went to uni in England...

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    Most likely Leeds or Newcastle. Or St Andrew's which, let's face it, is practically English.

    10. relate more to the schoolgirls in Wild Child than you'd like to admit to your non-boarding friends.

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    OK FINE. Maybe we did have to hand our phones in at night. DON'T JUDGE ME.

    11. Pretty much all of your teachers were St Andrew's graduates.

    12. You definitely snuck some of this into a school disco at some point in your life.

    13. Nobody else could wrap their heads around why you did GCSEs and A Levels.

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    Everyone else did Scottish Highers, and they couldn't understand why you didn't.

    14. Singing hymns was your favourite part of the day...

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    And if it was "I Vow To Thee My Country", it was just the best day ever.

    15. ...although most of them seemed to be English-themed.

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    I mean "Jerusalem" was great and all.

    16. Burns Supper was the one night of the year that your school acknowledged that it was Scottish.

    17. The choir were practically school royalty.

    18. But CCF was like Marmite.

    19. You spoke in a way no one else had any hope of understanding.

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    "Kish! Matron is coming to do a room check!"

    20. Your school alumni includes several athletes, actors, and the odd prime minister.

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    Who you're going to have to avoid at your next reunion.

    21. People have mistaken your school for Hogwarts before now.

    22. Despite others making fun of it, you actually loved your uniform.

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    Even though you got told off multiple times a day for having your button undone or your kilt too short.

    23. Your school houses were named after obscure places in Scotland.

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    Moredun, Glenbrae, Duffus... has anyone actually been to these places?

    24. There was a constant supply of gossip as nothing stayed a secret with your roommates.

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    Which got you in trouble on more than one occasion.

    25. You did Bronze, Silver, and Gold DofE.

    26. And even though it snowed for a month straight most winters, you never got a snow day off.

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    Not once.

    27. You know that the friends you made at boarding school will be your friends for life.

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    28. Because despite being scattered across the world...

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    29. You're all constantly in touch via a WhatsApp group chat.

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    And that's the way it's always going to be.

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