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2012 Elections

2012 Elections

Ryan Attacks Obama For "Secretary Of Business" Proposal

"You know, we already have a Secretary of Business — it's actually called the Secretary of Commerce," Ryan says in Greeley, Co. The VP nominee slams Obama for not filling the post.

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Telling Jokes

The politicians took time off the trail for a charity dinner Thursday night to make fun of themselves and Joe Biden.

Romney Softens Immigration Rhetoric

"Self-Deportation" isn't as bad, he says, as it sounded. A general election concession.

ObamaCare Survives Supreme Challenge

Vast expansion in insurance for Americans in 2014. Obama avoids catastrophe, but Republicans sharpen their knives.

Obama Campaign's Mother's Day Video

The campaign's video uses President Obama's reflections on his mother, his grandmother, and Michelle to trumpet his first term accomplishments on womens' issues.

Romney Campaign Releases Mother's Day Video

The Romney campaign released a new web video today, "#MothersDay" featuring the five Romney sons praising their mom Ann.

Senator Rand Paul Mocks President Obama's Stance On Same-Sex Marriage

The Republican Senator from Kentucky, and son of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, had some "cynical" words to say before a Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting in Iowa.

How Obama's New Position On Same-Sex Marriage Is Polling

A new Gallup poll shows a "net minus" for the President's change of heart. If this was a calculated political decision, it isn't working... At least not yet.

Mormon Cultist For President!

On Saturday, Mitt Romney will speak at a university that teaches his religion is a cult. Across the campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, conservative Christians are turning to the Bible to justify voting for a heretic.

How Barack Obama Lost Hollywood

Last time they fell in love, volunteered, gave millions, but now "they hate him." Can gay pride and a Clooney bash make his star twinkle again?

Gay Marriage Reversal Means Cash For Obama

Big gay donors are elated, while young people pull out their credit cards and give $1 million in 90 minutes. "This is beyond unifying — it's electrifying," say Sepulveda.

Obama Loses West Virginia Delegates To Prison Inmate

The vote highlights the President's unpopularity in the Appalachian heartland. In 2008, white voters there cited race as a factor.

Romney Backer: Obama Taking Credit For Bin Laden Raid Is Like Ronald McDonald Taking Credit For Big Macs

The guy at the griddle should get the credit, Yost argues. Campaign distances itself from remark.

Joe Biden Appears To Endorse Gay Marriage

Obama's campaign says there's no difference between his view and the president's. Gay rights group calls it "encouraging." Gay Republican: "Cynical and political."

How Mitt Romney’s Campaign Put A Damper On Obama’s Big Day

Hand-to-hand political combat, as Romney aides show up at Obama's rallies to spin back.

Obama Campaign: The Monologue Is Over

"Welcome to the general election," says Obama campaign manager Jim Messina. David Axelrod dismissive of potential Romney running-mate Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.

Republican National Committee Attacks Obama's Jimmy Fallon Appearance

"A Tale Of Two Leaders" As they embrace Mitt Romney as their presumptive nominee, Republicans object to Obama cracking jokes about paying for college. "I don’t think America’s laughing…certainly college students shouldn’t be the punch line," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters. But could Mitt Romney ever slow-jam the news?

In New Ad, Democrats Try To Brand Romney As "The $200 Million Man"

Obama-backing Super PAC Priorities USA Action and the League of Conservation Voters allege Romney is "in the tank for Big Oil."

15 Pictures Of A Colorado Dive Bar Going Nuts For Obama

The president dropped by The Sink, a popular bar and pizza joint in Boulder earlier tonight. Excitement ensued, yogurt was spilled, and nobody was as excited as Madelyn Starkey.

Romney's Big Speech: "It’s Still About The Economy … And We’re Not Stupid"

Romney to declare victory, will try to reclaim message of "fairness." But the networks won't carry it.

Ann Romney Seeks Sympathy In Stamford, And Gets It

The wife of Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney got a warm welcome from the Connecticut Republican Party. "The day is long. The road is hard," she says.

Republican Insiders Have A Favorite For Veep: Senator Rob Portman

BuzzFeed's survey of Republican National Committee members gathered in Arizona this weekend finds a clear preference for the solid Ohioian. "He was born to be the guy standing next to the guy," says an RNC member.

With A Push From Romney, Republican Party Unites Behind Him

Most superdelegates pledge publicly and privately that they will back Romney, as the party leadership unifies behind him. Even now, some arm-twisting required.

10 Lessons Learned About Politics This Week

Just...don't interact with any dogs at all. Thank you, Twitter!

In 2008 Gaffe, Romney Repeatedly Called Osama Bin Laden "Barack Obama"

It was notable Romney gaffe from the 2008 campaign. In a speech to the Greenwood, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Romney repeatedly referred to 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden as Barack Obama."

Charlie Crist Admires Obama

In this segment on NOW with Alex Wagner, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist called President Obama a "centrist" worth of "admiration." Crist, who was elected as a Republican but lost his party's primary in 2010, said he wasn't endorsing Obama — at least, not yet.

At Height Of Finanicial Crisis, Obama Promised Fiscal Disclipine As President

It's an promise sure to be revived by the Republicans as the general election looms. Here's an example of Obama in 2008 Washington would have to prepare for tough times by returning to the "fiscal responsibility we had in the 1990s" by streamlining the budget.

In 2008 Debate, Obama Lampooned Romney For Failed Investment

In this clip from a 2008 debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois jokes about one $35 million investment that had no return: His 2008 campaign. Romney's aides say he hasn't given his own money this time.

Romney Meets His Party

He speaks to the state chairmen in Arizona today. Zeke Miller reports from Scottsdale.

Hispanic Running Mate Won't Help Romney With Hispanic Voters, Poll Shows

Democratic pollsters find Marco Rubio, Brian Sandoval, and Susana Martinez wouldn't give Romney a big boost.

Obama Campaign Offers Supporters The Chance To Party With Clooney

Latest fundraising gimmick offers donors a chance to attend a high-dollar fundraiser at George Clooney's house.

Celebrity Endorsements: Romney Vs. Obama

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

Mitt Romney, 90210

I always imagined him as more of a "Melrose Place" kind of guy.

Senate Democratic Committee Raises Record Amount In Fight To Retain Control

DSCC has its best fundraising quarter ever, as Democrats struggle to maintain a majority.

How Mitt Romney Learned To Love Twitter

"Twitter is as it happens, and Facebook is the next day, and you optimize everything else for Google the day after," says a Romney aide. Another Republican worries you can win the day, but lose the week.

American Politics In One Chart: "Slut," "Mom," And "Dog"

This is what the Obama and Romney campaigns have been fighting about for the past month. The chart tracks mentions on Twitter.

Before Romney's Public Conversion, Confusion From Both Pro-Life And Pro-Choice Activists

Romney's 2005 abortion switch sparked mass confusion in Massachusetts. His claim at the time: He hadn't changed positions at all!

The Name Of Mitt Romney's Super PAC Makes No Sense

Restore Our Future. Is that the sound of one hand clapping?

The First Facebook Generation Election Is Going To Be Amazing

If the world saw your Facebook page, could you get elected to public office?

In 2008, Obama Promised Immigration Reform In First Year Of First Term

In 2008 then Senator Obama said he would make immigration reform a "top priority" of his first term as President, pledging to do it his first year as President. In an interview with Univison this year, Obama made a similar promise to try for immigration reform in the first year of his second term.

Gingrich Rents His Campaign Email List To LifeLock To Stay In Race

Expect more emails with the subject line "A special offer for Newt’s supporters" as Gingrich fights on, while racking up debt.

Priebus: RNC Holding Out On Mitt To Be Nice To Newt

A delayed endorsement is a gesture of "respect" to Gingrich, Paul, and their supporters.

Green Party Nominee Makes A Second Run Against Romney

All that's between her and her old foe: Roseanne Barr.

Mitt Romney Changes To Shirt And Tie For The Big Race

Gone with Rick Santorum are the regular-guy jeans. Obama also started wearing a tie for the general election in 2008. Here's Romney before, and after.

Romney Tries To Reframe Wealth Attacks As "Apologizing For America's Success At Home"

Obama does it not just abroad, Romney says recycling a frequent campaign line, but at home too.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "The Election Is Not Going To Be About Ann Romney"

Women and others will focus on Obama's record up against Romney's. And women will choose Obama, she says.

Obama Super PAC Targets Romney On Taxes In New Swing State TV Ad

"If Romney Wins, The Middle Class Loses." Priorities USA Action to air ad in Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia beginning today.

Obama's "Change Is" Poster

This mini-poster sent out to supporters features a list of the Obama Administration's first-term accomplishments. The ending of the Iraq War is there but getting bin Laden is not.

Exclusive: Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early

A cool $50,000 reserves your seat at the "presidential inaugural retreat." Now all Mitt has to do is get elected!

"Dignity Of Work" Was Touted By Obama-Biden

Mitt Romney has come under fire for a comments made at a January 4th New Hampshire town hall unearthed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes saying mothers without jobs on welfare need to know "the dignity of work." The comments seem to undermine the Romney campaign's attack on Democrats for dismissing stay-at-home mothers. But the focus on the "dignity of work," and on ending old-fashioned welfare, was also championed by both President Obama and Vice President Biden in 2008 when touting Obama's record on welfare reform in the Illinois State Senate.

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