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Senate Democratic Committee Raises Record Amount In Fight To Retain Control

DSCC has its best fundraising quarter ever, as Democrats struggle to maintain a majority.

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The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had its best fundraising quarter ever in the first three months of 2012, as the race for control of the Senate heats up.

The committee raised over $17.7 million to support Democratic Senators and candidates in a bid to maintain their slim majority. Currently 53 Senators caucus with Democrats, but a disproportional number of Democrats are up for reelection this year, making it easier for Republicans to focus on a handful of key races. Additionally, seven Senators caucusing with Democrats are retiring, compared to three for Republicans.

“We have spent the cycle aggressively recruiting great candidates in open and Republican-held seats, our incumbents are building well-funded campaigns, and now donors are more enthusiastic than ever about the likelihood we will keep the majority,” DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said in a statement.

Much of the enthusiasm is attributed to the record number of female Democratic candidates, and the recent debate over contraception.

The committee has nearly $24 million on hand

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