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    35 Products We'll Literally Never Stop Trying To Convince You To Buy

    We see your comments about how we feature the same products all the time, but THERE IS A REASON WHY AND WE WON'T STOP!

    1. A 6-in-1 Instant Pot for a kitchen gadget that functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, and sautér all at once!

    2. A TubShroom to catch hair so as to prevent unwanted bathtub/shower drain clogs, because those are never fun to deal with.

    3. A T-shirt dress that'll feel as comfy as it looks cute and trendy — warning: once you buy one, you're gonna have strong urges to buy all.

    4. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer for splits, pits, and slicing nature's butter in a pinch.

    5. A 96-count of Cosrx pimple patches to simply apply over a zit, and then just go about your day while the patch does what it must.

    6. A set of reusable silicone baking cups that'll make baking your yummy treats a greener and more frugal experience. You won't have to keep buying new cups because you'll never run out.

    7. Earwax removal drops for a safe and gentle way to clean your ears, so you know, you can listen to Taylor Swift's upcoming TS7 lead single with clear ears.

    8. A cold brew coffee maker to enjoy a refreshing beverage in the morning without waiting in line at the Starbucks drive-thru.

    9. A grout pen that'll make your tile floors look like they were just cleaned by a professional service, but really you bought this handy pen for less than 10 bucks off the internet.

    10. A salad spinner to make cleaning your greens so easy, you might actually start craving salads for every meal.

    11. A Squatty Potty to start using every time you use the restroom, at home at least. Squatting is actually better for your body than sitting!

    12. A weighted blanket that'll help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep, because the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of a great night's sleep.

    13. Water bottle cleaning tablets for restoring your beloved reusable drinking vessel back to the same condition it was in when you bought it.

    14. Poo-Pourri to leave the bathroom smelling fresh, no matter what just took place in there.

    15. A six-pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets that'll ensure the appliance you rely on to clean the things you use for eating is in tip-top, fresh shape. Because it would be pretty gross if it was anything except clean.

    16. And while you're at, you should also add the washing machine tablets to your cart, because we want your clothes to be nice and clean, too!

    17. A snap 'n strain to simply clip-on to your pots and pans so draining the water is quicker and easier, so you can spend more time eating your yummy pasta.

    18. A 16-pack of sheet masks great for those with sensitive skin, because who wants to deal with red, irritated skin while trying to enjoy a relaxing face mask? Not me!

    19. A KitchenAid stand mixer for a gadget seriously worth your investment, because this baby seriously is gonna last you for years and years to come.

    20. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay to give your pores a deep clean and get all the gunk out living beneath the surface of your skin.

    21. A Dash Rapid Egg Cooker that'll make whipping up your favorite eggs so quick and easy, you'll forget about the days you once had to spend standing over the stovetop waiting and waiting and waiting for your eggs to cook.

    22. An activated charcoal teeth whitening powder for making your pearly whites SO pearly whites your dentist is gonna need to start wearing sunglasses when you go for your visit so you don't blind them.

    23. A breakfast sandwich maker to ensure you can start your day in the most delicious way without having to wake up earlier to head to McDonald's.

    24. A FlexiSnake that might actually make you enjoy cleaning out your drains. IDK, there's gotta be something weirdly satisfying about pulling gunk and hair out, right?

    25. A three-pack of non-stick oven liners for catching things like crumbs and other food particles/residue, so all you have to do is clean these liners and not the oven itself.

    26. A Q&A five-year journal that just wants you to answer a question each day for five years and keep track of/reflect on your personal growth.

    27. A avocado keeper that'll preserve the fresh of the delicious green stuff, because watching it turn brown before you even get a chance to enjoy it is the WORST.

    28. A Scrub Daddy for cleaning your kitchenware without worrying scratching them up, or yucky odor build-up.

    29. A bread keeper to extend the shelf-life of loaves, because you didn't go GET THAT BREAD, just for it to go BAD.

    30. A faux-fur blanket that you'll immediately want to wrap yourself in as if it's a tortilla and you're the contents of a warm burrito.

    31. A Makeup Eraser for anyone who knows taking off makeup at the end of the day is the least fun part of the day. Just wet with water and wipe, it's that easy!

    32. An assortment of 10 Cadbury chocolates to bring your tastebuds on a trip across the pond, without needing a plane ticket.

    33. A rust stain removal spray that, as you can tell from the photo below, is clearly fairy dust in a spray bottle.

    34. A Silpat baking mat for ensuring you can easily take yummerz off the pan quickly. We want you to spend more time eating than wrestling.

    35. An eight-pack of zombie face masks, appropriately titled as such because they will look like you like a zombie when using, but instead of making your skin look dead after use, it aims to make it look more ~lively.~


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