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    If You Love Eggs More Than Your Own Family, Then You Need This Egg Cooker

    This thing is no yolk.

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    Is this you when you see a perfectly cooked egg?


    Well! There's an appliance that's about make your days a little more eggciting (you saw that coming, didn't you?) — and whole lot easier: the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker.

    Not only does this lil' guy make six hard-, medium-, and soft-boiled eggs, individual omelettes, two poached eggs, and scrambled eggs, it's also a mere $20 and its compact size is tiny-kitchen-friendly. Wins all around!

    Here's how it works:

    The product comes with a tray that holds up to six eggs you can boil to the consistency your heart desires; a handy measuring cup lets you know exactly how much water you'll need for the perfect soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled eggs. All you do is add the eggs and water, press the button, and wait for the buzzer (which, fair warning, is *very* loud) to let you know your eggs are done! That's it! No more standing around while water boils and then plopping your egg in and making your best guess as to how long to cook it! Sorry for all the exclamations BUT HOW EXCITING IS THIS! Also exciting: It comes with trays for poaching and cooking omelettes.

    And look at all these pretty colors it's available in! (Eerily perfect deviled eggs not included.)

    As my coworkers who have tried this fantastical little device firsthand can attest to, this thing is, in plain language, freakin' awesome:

    "It's amazing, I love it, it makes the eggs easier to peel, takes half the time of just boiling water, and is extremely easy to clean and store. The only weird thing is that the timer noise is CRAZY LOUD and scary, but that's because you really need to hear it and take them out if you're particular about having soft- or medium-boiled eggs, so it does the job." —Jess

    "I thought it was going to be ~extra~ but it really works and there's no stress! The timer is LOUD though." —Kayla

    "I hate eggs but I actually ate an egg from this and I was like, 'Hmmm maybe I don't hate eggs!'" —Adrianna


    Still need convincing that this will upgrade all your egg-cooking experiences from here on out? Omelette you take a look at these Amazon reviews from its army of fans who've contributed to the appliance's 4.5-star rating.

    "The cooker works fantastically. I make fresh hard-'boiled' eggs every single morning during the week and often will do poached eggs or omelets in it on the weekend. It is a good idea to spray the omelet or poached egg try with a little non-stick cooking spray before making anything in them, it helps the eggs come out easier. Another tip is to pierce the eggs on the 'bottom' rounder end. If you don't have super fresh eggs and you pierce the top sometimes you get egg white that bubbles out the hole and makes a mess in the cooker.

    Cleanup is super easy. I don't even clean it every day. You'll notice after a couple of days the bottom metal plate starts to look rusty. It's not rust but sediment that has either come off the eggs or out of your water. I just pour some vinegar in the bottom of the cooker when I take out my morning eggs and leave it in the cooker while I'm at work. When I come home from work it's as simple as dumping out the vinegar and wiping it out with a paper towel and giving it a quick wash." —Heather H

    I mean, dear sweet lord, look at one Mr. Mcgoo's soft-boiled eggs.

    "I make a lot of eggs. I love ramen, and a nice soft-boiled egg just makes me swoon. I've tried all sorts of techniques. Boiling, baking, sous vide, pressure cooked. And I haven't found a 100% no-stuck-shells, no-explosions, no-undercooked method yet. Till this silly little thing. Worked perfectly. I'll be honest, unboxing it I thought I was duped. Felt cheap and was pretty small, but heck, let's give it a shot. So easy! And made a perfect egg. On my first go at it. The buzzer is god awful. And the boiler plate stains immediately. Who cares. This thing is awesome. God this thing is awesome." —Mr. Mcgoo

    It's got a leg(g) up on the competition...

    "Cooks just like pricey models, and has a knob on top so no burned hands. As to the one distinguishing characteristic of the Dash that makes it the best, in my opinion: The handle on the Dash is a knob on the top of the dome. All you have to do is lift it off, and the handle you are using to do that lifting is as far away from the outflow of steam (coming out from around the rim when you open the unit) as it can possibly be on one of these units. I found that the knob on the top was adequate to protect my hands from the steam, all by itself." —Rae

    ...might make hectic mornings scrambling to get your kids ready a little less chaotic....

    "This mom's new go-to appliance. I make bento lunches for my son, and his favorite is hard-boiled eggs! I toss six eggs in with less than a 1/4 cup of water and 14 minutes later the unit shuts off by itself and I come back and easily peel the eggs. (I mean the shells slide off!!) I no longer have to wait for water to boil or watch and wait to turn off the stove. The eggs cook while the kids are in the tub and voilà: lunch/breakfast is ready for the next morning. And I'm guessing if I forget or run behind I could have these ready while he get dressed for school in the morning! Custom omelettes in a hurry is my next adventure! And did I mention how tiny and cute it is? Perfect for a kitchen with limited counter space!" —Amanda

    ...and apparently works for dumplings, too?

    Comedy Central

    "It makes great eggs in many ways but for a freak idea, I put fresh steamed dumplings in with the highest water level and I couldn't believe the result. Vegetable and seafood works best but I made pork dim sum and just par-cooked the filling slightly and they also were great. It even makes sweet bean buns." —Rob

    And if you're in the mood to go on an egg-cooking frenzy, you may want to consider the Dash ~deluxe~ egg cooker, which has room for a whopping 12 eggs.

    Hey, you do you. Get it from Amazon for $27.99.


    Get the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker from Amazon for $19.90+ (available in black, white, red, and aqua).

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