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    53 Mother's Day Gifts For New Moms

    (And no, they aren't all just for or about babies).

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. Beautiful empowerment cards designed specifically to support new moms through their postpartum phase and beyond. The cards will provide sweet reminders like, "I give myself permission to rest" and "I ride the waves of change."

    the deck of cards with illustrations on them plus several cards laid out beside the box

    2. A soy candle to let 'em know just how ~lit~ they already are even on their first go-round with motherhood.

    Person holding a lit pink candle with "best mom ever!" on it

    3. Or a DIY candle kit for whenever they have some personal time to set aside to get creative and light up their space.

    4. Plus a rose gold rechargeable electric lighter that'll spark up that candle immediately without worrying about being low on fluid needed to get the vibes right!

    5. An affirming wine tumbler that'll show an ~outpouring~ of love for first-time moms who have now stepped into foster parenting or have recently adopted a child. Also, this tumbler's customizable!

    the wine tumbler that has "foster, "adoptive," and "biological" crossed out and the word "Mother" underneath them not crossed out in larger letters

    6. A stylish diaper bag backpack that'll also — SUPRISE! — turn into a changing station. Move over Marvel because this Transformer is the real superhero. Plus, it's cute AND under $50?!

    7. Plus, waterproof diaper bag inserts to make the inside of a baby bag one less messy place in their life.

    three clear zippered bags with a leather band at the top that has gold labels. The bags are labeled "hello, sweet cheeks," "baby things," "mama things," and "goodies"

    8. Personalized initial earrings worth treating moms to in the ~name~ of their total awesomeness.

    9. A Marc Jacobs fragrance so their daily scent isn't all baby powder, formula, and (sometimes) throw-up lol. It'll be one small way to make a fragrance-loving mama smile throughout the day with sporadic whiffs and a subtle reminder that even when they've been in mommy mode and haven't left the house in a few days — they're still fabulous.

    glass bottle of perfume shaped like a square with rounded edges. It's got small daises on the gold trim of the white top

    10. A haircare system to address thinning, damaged hair — a kind way to provide a mom (who's soon to give or recently gave birth) with something to help address postpartum shedding.

    reviewer's photo before using product on the left and after using the product for two months on the right, shows hair growth

    11. A cute T-shirt or two since it's totally possible to walk around the crib, mommying it up, and looking low-key put-together just because. Of course, the I'm-a-mom-so-sometimes-there-are-stains-on-my-shirt moments will happen, but it may still be dope to start the day with some semblance of a cute and comfy outfit.

    12. And! Stain remover to pair with one of those really cute tees as a this-is-a-gag-gift-but-not-really-because-you'll-thank-me-later add-on.

    Reviewer's image of a baby onesie with a stain on the sleeve -- before and after using the product

    13. A pillow wedge that'll give a beloved baby bumper some form of comfort when laying down. Listen, sometimes and for some mamas, it really won't matter how they turn or what they use. For others though? Just a single pillow to caress the belly will make things even a little bit easier for sleeping. Treat 'em!

    14. Or A full-body pregnancy pillow purposefully shaped to follow the natural curve of a pregnant person to provide more cushion all the way around.

    model laying on the pregnancy pillow which is full-body and has an opening at the bottom

    15. A diaper wipe warmer so they'll never (OK, rarely!) endure the piercing howl-cry that erupts from an infant who isn't at all here for a freezing cold butt during changing time.

    16. A simple yet chic keychain to send a kind message to a new mom you adore that'll really stick with them daily.

    silver keychain tag that says, "New mama. May your journey be full of laughter and happiness and lots of love. You are a selfless, resilient, and beautiful woman. Be kind to yourself."

    17. A ReadeREST so that tracking down eyeglasses can finally be pushed completely off of their (always growing, always changing, kinda like kids) to-do list.

    18. A mug warmer so their cup of joe will always be ready to go. This way, they'll never be defeated by those long periods of fleeting sleep because coffee — WARM, not lukewarm — will be to the rescue.

    19. Hypoallergenic disposable diapers because anyone with a baby will always need A TON OF these. Upgrade the "gift" feel of such a practical pick by treating mama to a whole subscription and have 'em delivered regularly to the house (they'll be cheaper that way too)! 🎁

    20. Nipple butter meant to soothe sore, breastfeeding nipples, heal cracks, and prevent them.

    reviewer holding a jar of the nipple butter in front of their baby's nursery crib in the hospital

    21. Maternity leggings since lots of moms will tell you that different pants start to feel uncomfy, even in the earlier pregnancy stages when they aren't showing as much. Go ahead and treat a first-timer to this comfort situation that'll stretch as the bump does.

    22. A baby and object thermometer for mom to keep on hand to temperature-check the baby and the bottles.

    reviewer's hand holding the thermometer

    23. Pretty PJs so mama gets to sleep in style. Sure, anything a new parent wears could get soiled with spit-up, juice, or whatever but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to be in pretty loungewear when they choose. Luxury is for everyone and mamas deserve it the most, no?

    24. An adorable gift box set with everything from comfy socks to fancy candles that'll def win you the title of "Best Gift Giver" this Mother's Day (or any day, really).

    Full gift set showing socks, candle, mirror, mug, necklace, and cosmetic bag inside box

    25. A customizable rose necklace to give moms something sparkly and beautiful to celebrate them ~blossoming~ into such an important role in life. Perf way to gift a flower that won't wilt, too. 😏🌹

    26. A soothing cool-down gel that'll relieve tired, sore muscles that may come with walking a baby to sleep or whatever else. Every mom deserves to take a chill pill (or gel!).

    bottle of gel

    27. Or reusable hot or cold rice packs from Beloved Packs to bring comfort to pained or tense areas on the body that could use more TLC.

    28. Peepee teepees for new moms of infants that'll spray the literal fountain of youth into their faces. Many moms'll tell ya that every parent should experience that flood at least once as a sorta rite of passage. But when that gets old (like, immediately, LOL?) — enter these adorable covers so they can change the baby in peace.

    three cone-shaped covers made of fabric with a blue background and colorful sea animals all over them

    29. Cozy-schmozy Mama Bear slippers to shuffle around the house in — and hopefully, kick up their feet in too.

    30. A curated baby gift box that'll take all the work out of pulling something nice together for a new mama. It'll come with a onesie, soothing oil for parents and babies, and a wooden toy camera just for decoration in the nursery.

    the gift box