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    43 Stylish Pairs Of Shoes People Swear You Need If You Have Wide Feet

    Because your feet deserve👏 to 👏 be 👏 free!

    1. Elastic ballet flats that'll help you look polished with any outfit (hellooooo, VERSATILITY), minus any annoying pinching. If you hear singing, it's because your toes finally have room to move.

    2. Classic Adidas Superstar sneakers, because these have already made hundreds of people with wide feet happy as a clam. They're designed with plenty of room, boast padded footbeds for extra comfort, and will never go out of style. Talk about a *sole*mate.

    model wearing superstar sneakers in white and black

    3. Blowfish wedge sandals with faux leather straps and comfy canvas material for officially ending pinched piggy woes. Will you wear these every single day as long as the weather is warm? Let's just ask the cushioned footbeds and breathable design — they say yes.

    reviewer photo of them wearing the black sandals

    4. Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes that live up to their name. Go for a quick run or pop them on as an all-day sneaker option that are literally like walking on clouds. They have over 50,000 five-star reviews!

    5. Leather platform clogs that'll keep your feet happy all darn day *and* go with just about every outfit in your closet. Their rounded toe design has already made plenty of wide feet–reviewers believers that you CAN combine style and comfort. I'll pass the tissues.

    model wearing clogs in red

    6. Rubber slides, because these'll quickly find themselves glued to your feet 24/7 when you discover their barely-there, relaxed appeal. They're already well-known for letting even the most spread-out toes b r e a t h e — especially important in super hot weather.

    model wearing slides in spring green color

    7. Slouchy leather block heel boots for investing in a stylish staple to update just about every piece of clothing you own. Rounded toes + padded insoles = zero blisters (but infinite outfit possibilities).

    model wears heels in tan color

    8. Faux leather oxford lace-ups so you can put your foot down on wearing too-tight shoes in the name of fashion. Your pinky toes are BEGGING you to hit *add to cart*. You're lucky they have such excellent taste.

    model wears oxford shoes in beige

    9. Reebok leather sneakers that'll save the day for years to come when you want to look trendy, but guarantee unbeatable comfort. There's no one advocating for athleisure to stay in style more than wide feet—we have no choice but to listen.

    10. Ankle strap wedges, because these'll keep you from going home early due to painful pinching. The good news: you can finally stay out all night without thinking about your toes. The bad news: you'll have to think of a new excuse if you want to go home early.

    model wears ankle strap wedges in coral nubuck

    11. Keds slip-on sneakers — perfect for a quick on and off option that will give you the support you need but also won't clash with your outfit of the day. And they come in wide widths!

    12. Timeless Teva sandals so you can rely on your new ride-or-die the moment you put these on. Their extra-wide footbeds and adjustable straps have just one message: it's you two against the world now. They're never leaving, I promise.

    reviewer wearing sandals while lounging on deck

    13. Thigh-high boots that are chic, practical, and super comfy (since they're made of a stretchy suede blend, feature a low heel, and wide-enough base for your tootsies).

    reviewer photo of them wearing brown boots
    reviewer photo of them wearing black boots

    Promising review: "I love that my leg has very little muscle tone and this boot makes it look shapely! My legs are also not very thick and it is perfectly right around the thigh! The toe portion has almost no sole, but who is wearing these in a muddy field? Also, I have wide feet and it fits perfectly with room to spare!" —Lydia Wagner

    Get them from Amazon for $48.99+ (available in sizes 6–11 and 19 styles).

    14. Beaded platform wedges, because these'll take your looks to new heights — all while cancelling any curfews your old shoes might have given you. Blisters? I don't know her.

    model wears sandals in blue

    15. Faux suede, lace-up heels for elevating your style while keeping you comfortably low to the ground. Not to mention, its open toe design actually leaves enough room for your feet to breathe. I can hear the "ahhh" already.

    model wears lace up sandals in brown

    16. Clear chunky heels that give off a glass slipper vibe so you can channel your inner Cinderella. Pumps with chunky heels >>>> stiletto heels.

    A customer showing off the clear strappy sandal

    17. Lightweight mesh sneakers that'll keep you comfortably on your feet from morning to night — don't be surprised when you suddenly feel (gulp) productive?! It turns out running errands is less miserable when your feet don't hurt.

    model wears sneakers in purple

    18. Strappy Pumps so you'll always have a formal-wear option in your closet time and time again. The ankle strap adds a bit more security when it comes to a heel that stays put. No one wants to roll an ankle...

    ankle strappy pumps in black

    19. Hey Dude casual loafers because you've been looking for something that feels like a pair of slippers but looks *not* like a pair of slippers. Behold: your solution.

    reviewer photo of their crossed feet wearing gray canvas loafers

    20. Yoga sling flip-flops so both you and your toes can feel more relaxed than if you were at a yogi retreat. They offer room galore, go with e v e r y t h i n g, have super cushiony footbeds, and never go out of style. I'm feeling zen already.

    model wearing sling flip flops at beach

    21. Chelsea rain boots that are functional enough to be guide you through a rainy day, but chic enough to be worn even when the sun is shining.

    22. Faux suede strappy heels that'll make you feel like a modern Cinderella if she had been smart enough to choose comfier shoes. Bunions don't stand a CHANCE at ruining your night — though you're still welcome to run home at midnight to catch your takeout.

    23. Lightweight sneakers, because your feet will definitely need to breathe during the hot summer.

    a photo of the shoes with the holes on display

    24. Hidden wedge sneakers featuring sleek zipper detailing that'll elevate your shoe game to new heights. If you're looking for a shoe with a bit of height, forgo the pumps and opt for this cute and comfy shoe option instead.

    reviewer wearing hidden wedge sneakers

    25. Braided rope sandals so you can join the thousands of wide foot–reviewers who already do the happy dance whenever they wear these. They're light, always on trend, and are specifically designed to ensure all-day, blister-free wear. No more having to let your poor pinky toes hang off your sandals.

    model wears sandals in sunset sangria

    26. Studded chelsea platform booties for pairing with skirts and dresses for an edgy look. The cushioned insoles add extra comfort so you can last in them all day.

    The black platform boots with gold studs on display

    27. Flat elastic sandals, because the key to enjoying warm weather is wearing shoes that make your feet sing with joy — and that can only be done if your toes aren't too busy barking, instead.

    sandals in new navy blue

    28. Darcy boots with skid resistant soles so you can trek out of your house rain or shine and not be fearful of taking a tumble. Think of these as a a combat boot...but cuter.

    darcy boots in navy

    29. Ankle strap, open-toe flatforms so you can get a *leg up* on dressing fashionably all season without letting painful options interrupt your day. May this be the first time your feet stay perfectly quiet.

    reviewer wearing sandals in taupe

    30. Strappy block heels because people with wide feet deserve to dress up and feel comfortable! The wide widths secure your feet, while the chunky heel makes it easier to walk, dance, and all-around exist.

    31. Sketchers ballet flats made with a stretch-knit to expand and adjust to the width and shape of your feet. It's a versatile design that can be dressed up or down, all while keeping your feet happy.

    32. Rubber Birkenstocks to promote comfortability and lend a nonchalant vibe to any outfit.

    A navy blue version of the rubber sandal

    33. Black knit loafers that are versatile enough to wear to the office and while you grab drinks or run errands once you leave said office.

    the pair of black knit loafers

    34. Ugg shearling slippers because your at-home wide footwear also deserves to be fashionable AND cozy. You'll never want to take these furry slides off.

    two pairs of fluffy slippers in black and gray

    35. Or a pair of memory foam slippers that reviewers with wide feet swear by. The memory foam only makes shaping to your feet *that* much easier.

    reviewer photo of them wearing the slippers

    36. Low rise canvas sneakers in a pretty pink hue that'll look effortless with a pair of distressed jeans or denim skirt.

    low rise canvas sneakers in rose

    37. Classic black pumps that'll be a forever go-to in your closet. These are made with wide feet in mind, so you don't have to bend or scrunch your feet into these bad boys.

    Model wearing black pumps

    38. Clarks wedge sandals for wide-footed peeps with summer on the brain. This pair will give you some lift without the discomfort, as the soles are wide, cushioned, and made to be worn all day long.

    reviewer photo of their foot in the gray strapped wedge
    reviewer photo of them wearing the black strapped wedges

    Promising review: "These shoes are so cute and are so comfortable! They look great and match anything and everything. I always struggle to find shoes because my feet are extra wide but these shoes fit wonderfully. I love them and definitely suggest them to anyone wanting comfortable wedges." –JR Smith

    Get them from Amazon for $67.50+ (available in sizes 5–12, standard and wide widths, and two colors). 

    39. A pair of Allbirds running shoes reviewers love for being cushiony, breathable, supportive, and downright stylish. They're the ideal pair of sneaks to wear on the go, whether or you're hittin' the gym or the grocery store. 

    model wearing gray wool sneakers

    Promising review: "I kept reading about Allbirds but was hesitant to try them since they do not come in wide widths. I kept reading the reviews and finally decided to give them a try. These are by far my favorite shoes of all time. They truly feel like you are wearing slippers. I also have a high arch and need support. I have walked all day in these and there was no breaking-in period at all. Originally I ordered a size larger and had to return them for my regular size. Customer service is excellent. Shipping is fast and returns are a breeze. Love this company and plan to buy more wool runners is different colors." –Karen S.

    Get them from Allbirds for $110 (available in sizes 5–11 and five classic colors; limited edition colors vary).

    40. Dr. Martens gladiator sandals because you're a fan of their sturdy combat boots but your toes would like a little more breathing room in the warmer months.

    reviewer photo of them wearing the white sandals
    reviewer photo of them wearing the black tie-up sandals

    Some reviewers suggest sizing down!

    Promising review: "These are SO comfortable. Surprisingly light and feel cushioned. I have very wide feet and wear a women’s size 10. I ordered a size 9 and they fit perfect. I also have wide ankles and these lances were long enough to wrap around them several times for more support. Order them." —Bailey D.

    Get them from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in sizes 5–11 and four colors).

    41. Platform oxfords with a lace-up design plus tons of eye-catching details that make them the ideal option for every day – casual, formal, or anywhere in between.

    model wears platform shoes in red

    Promising review: "I normally don’t leave reviews for shoes, but these are one of the exceptions where I enjoy them so much that I have to leave the review. I have wide-width foot and it is very hard to find a pair of shoes that doesn’t require break-in period. This dress shoes not only cute, fashionable, but also surprisingly very comfortable. I took train to work so the trip requires me to walk and stand a lot. Right now it’s 4 p.m. and I still have the shoes on my feet. Good gracious lord. I might as well get another pair in red, because I love them too much!!" —Mama Panda

    Get them from Amazon for