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    15 Of The Best Vacuums That You Can Get On Amazon

    These vacuums really ~suck~ — and that's why they're the best ones on Amazon.

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    1. A Shark vacuum with a self-cleaning brushroll, because we all know the worst part of vacuuming is trying to get all that gunk out of the brush at the end. It's also got LED lights that'll expose dirt you didn't even know was there so you can do a more thorough cleaning.

    Reviewer photo of a dog next to the Shark upright vacuum for all surfaces with cord and rose gold features

    2. A Bissell Cleanview Swivel bagless pet vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the fur, dirt and debris your best friend tracks through the house. It's got specialized tools, including a triple action brush, to remove pet hair in tight spaces.

    Reviewer photo of Bissell vacuum with clear easy empty dirt bin

    3. A Bissell bagless vacuum, because it'll catch everything on the first swipe, saving you time and energy. It works best on hard floors and promises to easily clean without scattering debris every which way.

    Model carrying orange corded Bissell vaccuum

    4. A Shark rotator vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap dust, allergens, and other stuff that makes you sneeze. It's also got LED lights so you can better see the space you're vacuuming and never miss a single speck.

    Reviewer photo of upright bagless red and white vaccuum with lift away pod

    5. A battery-powered Dyson vacuum so you can say goodbye to tripping over cords. This vacuum is designed to deep clean your entire home for up to 60 minutes in between charges and capture particles as small as allergens. You can also remove the stick to transform it into a handheld vacuum to clean places like your car, stairs, or upholstery.

    6. A Bissell Cleanview Rewind bagless pet vacuum with an automatic cord rewind and easy-empty tank, because it'll make cleaning up so much quicker so that you don't have to miss another moment of Netflix. The filters for this one are washable, so you don't have to worry about replacing them often.

    Reviewer's vacuum with triple brush roll and clear compartment

    7. A Tineco vacuum that'll wash your floor at the same time as it vacuums. You can use it to clean up any mess, from the usual stuff you track in your front door to a bowl of cereal (milk included). It's got a dual water tank to separate clean water from what's already been used to make your floors sparkle.

    Reviewer' cordless vacuum

    8. A Hoover vacuum that'll last you a long time and comes with tools you can use to get pesky pet hair and dirt off your floors and furniture. The company promises its new system will let this vacuum "perform like new" three times longer, even if you don't regularly swap out the odor-minimizing filter.

    Reviewer's dog with upright, bagless  red and black Hoover vacuum

    9. A Shark vacuum with a removable canister so you can clean hard-to-reach areas like your dusty ceiling fan or corner cobwebs...unless you're saving those for Halloween decorations.

    10. A cordless handheld VacLife vacuum, because it'll make it easy to clean up crumbs in the kitchen, stray hairs in your bathroom, and all those other small spaces that seem to be magnets for dirt and dust. You can also use it to clean your car.

    Reviewer's lithium ion cordless vacuum with detachable dust cup

    11. An upright Bissell vacuum, because it's under $30 and can also be used as a handheld vacuum. Go from cleaning the floor to the couch with the press of a button.

    Reviewer's green upright stick vacuum with detachable handle

    12. An Orfeld vacuum that looks like a Star Wars character (anybody else see the R2D2 resemblance?) and will clean like a champ. It's quiet, cordless, and easy to maneuver — even in tight spots that are hard to get. Plus, you can remove the stick to turn it into a handheld vacuum and get all those crumbs out of your couch.

    13. A Eureka vacuum with three settings (for carpet, upholstery, and hardwoods) to deep clean your space in no time. It doesn't require any bags or filters and is lightweight, so you can easily lug it up stairs without pulling a muscle. The automatic cord rewind will save you precious time after you're done vacuuming.

    Lightweight blue and black vacuum

    14. A Bissell vacuum and mop to pick up debris and wash your floors at the same time. Easily switch from vacuuming carpet to mopping hardwood floors at the press of a button.

    15. And a portable wet/dry shop vac so you can clean out your car at home and avoid having to scrounge for quarters at the car wash. This vacuum is easy to store, has a handle that makes carrying it a piece of cake, and will help clean up every nook and cranny of your car.

    Lightweight red wet dry shop vac with black hose and wall mount

    Me after ordering a new vacuum:

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