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10 Facts About The Royal Mail

It's World Post Day! To celebrate, I thought I'd post ten cool facts about the UK's own Royal Mail, and ten things you can buy to celebrate the day (or just stamps and mail in general).

Johnnya10 6 years ago

25 Reasons Space Marines Are Awesome

There's a lot of talk these days surrounding the 'who would win' scenarios and a notable omission from many of these is the Space Marine, from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 game. Here's why your average Space Marine could take most superheroes and monsters to the cleaners...

Johnnya10 6 years ago

20 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Sick of stepping on needles, tatty old tinsel, finding the one light that's broken and getting rid of the damn thing in january? Check out these alternative Christmas tree ideas. And yes, I am thinking about Christmas already. *hangs head in shame and self-pity*

Johnnya10 6 years ago

Because Your Furniture Should Look Like Animals

Why wouldn't you want to cover your entire home in furniture and accessories that resemble our animal friends? Here are some of the best (and most... interesting) pieces of animal-shaped and animal-inspired furniture on the web. Oh and sorry about the puns.

Johnnya10 6 years ago

17 Dogs That Hate Wearing Dog Clothes

Dog coats and costumes may look cute to some people, but many dogs aren't impressed. In fact, some of them have been emotionally scarred by them.

Johnnya10 6 years ago

17 T-Shirts That Celebrate The UK

This summer, rather than wear a Union Jack, why not pick up a T-Shirt that celebrates the wit, wisdom and culture of the British?

Johnnya10 6 years ago

Celebrating Snails - 10 Fun Facts

Today is National Escargot Day in the UK, but rather than sauté Snails, I thought I'd give you some facts about them that you might not know.

Johnnya10 6 years ago

How To Live Like You're Miniature

Want to feel like you're living in Brobdingnag, Rick Moranis' garden, or an episode of The Land Of The Giants? Here are a few things that can help you live that dream.

Johnnya10 6 years ago