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Celebrating Snails - 10 Fun Facts

Today is National Escargot Day in the UK, but rather than sauté Snails, I thought I'd give you some facts about them that you might not know.

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1. Snail slime is fine to eat.


The popular myth has it that snail slime makes food inedible. Just give it a good wash and you'll be fine. In fact, research has shown that some snail slime can be used to treat stomach ulcers. Oh, and some make-up is made using the slime, so there's a chance you've been wiping it on your face anyway.

3. Snails win the race to be the 'slowest'.


Even the lazy sloth and the lumbering tortoise have nothing on the snail's complete lack of speed. Some snails clock in at 0.0004 miles an hour. That means these snails would take over 7,000 years to circumnavigate the globe.

4. A global delicacy.


It's not just the French that chow down on snails. Escargot is a culinary treat in Spain, Morocco, Nigeria, Cambodia, Indonesia, Greece, Nepal, Algeria, Cameroon, Sicily, Portugal, Philippines, Belgium, Vietnam, Laos, Cyprus, Malta, Ghana and in parts of the USA and China.

6. The police should be using Sniffer-Snails.


Snails are almost blind, and they don't have any aural systems meaning that they can't hear anything. But their sense of smell is extraordinary and they can smell food from many metres away (hey, when you're that small, that's pretty impressive).

8. They never really move out.


Because of their speed and the amount of effort it takes for them to move, some snails never venture more than a couple of metres from the spot where they were born. Some snails live for up to 15 years in the same neighbourhood.

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