Because Your Furniture Should Look Like Animals

Why wouldn’t you want to cover your entire home in furniture and accessories that resemble our animal friends? Here are some of the best (and most… interesting) pieces of animal-shaped and animal-inspired furniture on the web. Oh and sorry about the puns.

1. Cow Cabinet

It’s udder-ly fabulous, but I wonder if it would be hard to Moo-ve?

2. Goose Side Table

Take a Gander at this one. It’s down-right brilliant.

3. Horse Lamp

Don’t nag me about this one - I canter help myself.

4. Moose Chair

This is a Moose-t have for any living room. Sorry, again I couldn’t Elk myself.

5. Cat & Bird Furniture

Tabby, or not Tabby? But the question is: should you tweet about this?

6. Sheep Book Shelf

Not a Baa-d idea at all really.

7. Octopus Chair

This is a Kraken idea, for sure.

8. Tortoise Footstool

You won’t have to shell out too much to get yourself one of these.

9. Pig Chair

Am I Hamming it up a bit? Well pl-Oink yourself in this chair and tell me about it.

10. Dachshund Bookends

Perfect for your bark-shelves.

11. Fish Airer

I bet you fish this would end, right? Either that, or you’re hooked.

12. Elephant Beanbag

Don’t worry, we’re Nelly at the end of this.

13. Hippo Drinks Cabinet

Ok, I’ll stop wallowing in my puns, unless you’re hungry-hungry for more?

14. Tiger Sofa

I just Khan-t leave without showing you a couple more though.

15. Polar Bear Shelves

Oh, alright. Enough of this Bear-faced cheek. Just one more.

16. Cobra Chair

Shhhh… Ok, I hear you hissing. I’m done. Fangs for reading!

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