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    17 Killer Christmas Gifts For The Beer Drinker In Your Life

    Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a beer drinker? Here, check these ideas out!

    1. Polar Bear Soft Side Coolers

    2. Yeti Coolers

    3. Shakoolie Shower Beer Koozie

    4. Flowzie

    5. Luchador Bottle Opener

    6. Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Openers


    8. BROpener

    9. Beer Shot Glass

    10. Spin Beer Pong

    11. N-Ice Beer Pong Rack

    12. Bongzilla

    13. Flabongo

    14. BeerTone

    15. Moleskine Beer Journal

    16. 33 Bottles of Beer Journal

    17. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit