14 Ways To Make A Wonderfully Geeky Home

True fandom starts at home, and there are loads of great ways to turn your dwelling into a geek-tastic palace.

1. Tardis Wall Sticker

Makes any room look bigger (on the inside). Attractive companion not included.

2. Star Trek Door Chime

Every time you walk through the door, it’ll be like stepping onto the bridge of the Enterprise. Swoosh.

3. An Actual Iron Throne

You’ll need somewhere to sit, relax, and rule the seven kingdoms.

4. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

I checked. The Empire won’t compensate you if you get coffee stains on it.

5. Test Tube Spice Rack

Turns any pasta dish into a science experiment. Turns any kitchen into a lab.

6. Pacman Stapler

It’s going to be really hard to just staple something once. Also, don’t try to staple cherries. It gets messy.

7. Super Mario Shelves and Pipe Bin

Just don’t try to headbutt the shelves and jump in the bin. You’ve been warned.

8. Keyboard Keys Mugs


9. Darth Vader Telephone

Every time you hang up, you’re obliged to say ‘boring conversation anyway’.

10. Floppy Disk Coaster

It’s pretty much all they’re useful for these days.

11. Math Clock

The only clock you might have to study for.

12. Batman Kitchen Picture

Gotham is safe. Food is here. All is well tonight. I’m Batman.

13. Geeky Door Mat

Because is where the heart is.

14. Star Wars Toilet Suite

That’s no moon. Oh, wait. Ewwww…

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