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    20 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

    Sick of stepping on needles, tatty old tinsel, finding the one light that's broken and getting rid of the damn thing in january? Check out these alternative Christmas tree ideas. And yes, I am thinking about Christmas already. *hangs head in shame and self-pity*

    1. Christmas Tree Wall Sticker


    It doesn't take up any space, requires no extra decorations and peels off. Looks pretty cool too.

    2. Lots of Little Things Christmas Tree


    Another one that takes up no space and looks awesome too. You could even leave it up year-round or change the shape of it to suit each season.

    3. Green Things and Mirror Christmas Tree


    All the green of a normal tree without needles or tacky plastic. Also useful if you happen to have loads of green things and a spare mirror lying around.

    4. Stick In A Pot Christmas Tree


    A bit on the minimalist/half-assed side, but looks good in the right setting and no needles.

    5. Upside Down/Corner Christmas Tree


    Doesn't take up any floor-space and perfect for fans of Day Of The Triffids as it looks like it's crawling into your room. it also looks like something else if you have a dirty mind.

    6. Driftwood Canvas Christmas Tree


    Another space saver, this one even has inbuilt lights, so no untangling/swearing when decorating. In fact, it doesn't even need decorating. Win-win!

    7. Acorn Christmas Tree


    Say 'Nuts!' to decorating and all the other pain-in-backside issues of Christmas trees with this idea. It's A-Ok (or should that be 'O-ak'?).

    8. Frame Christmas Tree


    Looks pretty cool, and, to stop people peeking at their presents, you could even string it with some barbed-wire. Solutions!

    9. Ladder Christmas Tree


    Don't know what to do with that spare ladder that's always taking up unnecessary cupboard space? You do now.

    10. The Christmas Tree That Isn't There


    Spooky, and requires a lot of hooks in the ceiling presumably, this can also serve as indoor wind chimes. Nice.

    11. Wine Cork Christmas Tree


    If nothing else, it's an excuse to drink a lot of wine, and that's why it's an awesome Christmas tree idea.

    12. Draw Your Own Christmas Tree


    Just cover one wall with chalkboard paint, and have at it. Can be whatever size you want and you get to create all of the decorations. It's even fun to dispose of.

    13. Baby Christmas Tree


    Ok, it'll cause you problems in the future, but for now, it's a tiny amount of needles and you get a new house-plant to boot.

    14. Book Christmas Tree

    Via Flickr: 26469025@N03

    Might lead to some empty bookshelves over the festive period, but will make you look well-read. And still no needles.

    15. Dalek Christmas Tree


    Because nothing says 'Christmas' like a psychopathic alien with a plunger. A great tree for all Whovians out there.

    16. Mountain Dew Christmas Tree


    Well, it's green. Delicious too. Easy to get rid of - how often do you get the chance to say "I'm just drinking the Christmas tree."

    17. Godzilla Christmas Tree


    Perhaps a little impractical for the living room, but it will keep those yuletide visits from Mothra at bay.

    18. Coat Hanger Christmas Tree


    For the truly lazy and disinterested. Your clothes might have to spend some time in a heap on the floor, but if this sort of tree appeals to you, the chances are that they already do.

    19. Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree


    Nails, wood and that's it. If you have loads of pallets lying around, this'll play. Splinters are the only risk (and in my mind, those are still preferable to needles).

    20. Spam Christmas Tree


    Pros: It's Spam. Cons: You have to try not to eat it before Christmas comes round.

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