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    17 Dogs That Hate Wearing Dog Clothes

    Dog coats and costumes may look cute to some people, but many dogs aren't impressed. In fact, some of them have been emotionally scarred by them.

    1. The Little Princess


    Dress me like this again and you'll feel my pee in your mattress, buddy.

    2. Darth Dog


    Everyone keeps saying I've gone to the "Bark side". It's such a bad pun...

    3. The Beagle-ing of the End


    These are winter tones! I'm a summer dog. I… oh, what's the point...

    4. S-bark-ling


    I don't quite recall the exact moment I turned to drink.

    5. Feeling like the first mouse.


    If one more person offers me a bit of cheese, I'm taking their face off.

    6. Quilted and Jilted


    Why does the cat keep laughing at me?

    7. And she wore it for the rest of her days.


    I'm a pretty girl. I'm a pretty girl. I'm a pretty girl. I'm a pretty girl...

    8. Who knows not where a dog does wear his sting?


    Son: Why are they doing this to us, dad?

    Dad: Because we didn't Bee-have…

    9. Santa's Little Helper


    When they started dressing me like this, I lost my sense of who I am - my sense of elf.

    10. Midnight Bow-Wow-Boy


    I didn't always used to hang around on street corners dressed like this.

    11. High and Dry


    I miss my wet dog smell…

    12. Big Dog on Campus


    They said the stripes would be slimming. They lied.

    13. Another Bee (Just Bee-cause)


    I'm not even original! The Bulldogs at No.8 beat me too it. And at least they have each other.

    14. Hat's Off To This One


    Kill me.

    15. Twisted Fire Starter


    Yes. I get it. You wanted a Dalmatian. *sigh*

    16. Barbourian


    Well screw you too, buddy! You think I chose this? Do you? DO YOU!?

    17. Corg Up In The Moment


    Help me...

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