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22 Totally Ludicrous Products For Cat Owners

Only the best for your precious feline.

1. This cat bed shaped like a Croc.

2. The Meowlingual cat translation device.

3. This super-stylish denim dress.

There's nothing wrong with dressing up your cat, but no self-respecting feline would wear head-to-toe denim.

Get it here

4. Cat strollers, for when you want weird looks from morning joggers.

5. The PurrDetector collar, which lights up when your cat is purring.

6. The Pet Master PDA

7. This cat whack-a-mole game, because it's 2013 and fingers under a blanket just won't cut it anymore.

8. Inflatable evil unicorn horns.

The quickest way to make your cat distrust you is to strap a balloon to its face.

Get it here.

9. This automatic laser tower, because holding a laser pen yourself is too damn difficult.

10. Catnip bubbles.

11. OPI nail "pawlish."

No judgments, this is adorable.

12. This absolutely gigantic hamster wheel, except it's for cats.

13. These outdoor circus cages.

The day the cat circus rolls into town is the BEST day.

Get one here.

14. This cat toilet-training system, complete with a DVD that probably features lots of pooping cats.

15. A "pet's-eye view" camera that attaches to your cat's collar.

16. Neuticles. Fake testicle implants for neutered pets. Yes, really.

17. This luxurious kitty wig.

18. Or this one, if your cat's feeling wild.

19. This self-cleaning litter robot that looks like it might eat your cat.

20. This $899,000 "Amour de la Mer" collar.

21. These crocheted severed fingers filled with catnip.

22. And of course, Kitten Mittens.