17 T-Shirts That Celebrate The UK

This summer, rather than wear a Union Jack, why not pick up a T-Shirt that celebrates the wit, wisdom and culture of the British?

1. Dead Parrot T-Shirt

The great British sense of humour. Perfectly represented here by this Norwegian Blue happily sleeping on your chest, dreaming of the Fjords.

2. Seagull T-Shirt

Speaking of birds, this one is the scourge of any Brit who has tried to eat chips on the beach. You can only hope that by wearing one on your chest, it’ll scare the others off.

3. Haggis T-Shirt

Scotland’s national dish captured on a tee. For the full effect, try and find some tatty and neep themed trousers to go with it.

4. Dr Who T-Shirt

The best thing about this t-shirt is that you can buy a smaller size because it’ll be bigger on the inside (not really - buy your actual size!)

5. Abbey Road T-Shirt

Because one of the ghosts is blue, that means he’s dead. And the red one’s dead too. And the orange one.

6. Cricket T-Shirt

Not only do you get a double entendre, but you get to explain to someone that cricket is a great excuse to lie in the sun for 5 days, drinking beer and occasionally watching some sport.

7. Hobbit T-Shirt

Get your Bilbo on and rock down to the Green Dragon of Hobbiton this summer and enjoy a few 1/2 pints of beer in the sunshine.

8. Punk T-Shirt

A particularly fine tee that celebrates 1977 and all that punk. It looks so good, you won’t want to get spit or lager on it.

9. Punk/Tea T-Shirt

And there’s nothing more punk than refusing a second cuppa. You rebel, you!

10. Tea T-Shirt

Because we all really do. Especially with a scone and a protracted argument about whether you put on the jam first or the cream first. Seriously, it usually ends in a punch up.

11. Animal Farm T-Shirt

Living in Britain these days is more and more like living on Animal Farm. But this t-shirt makes me happier because it makes me think of bacon.

12. Badger (and Bodger) T-Shirt

Britain’s largest predator is the badger. But if you watched kids’ TV during the 90s, you were convinced that all they ate was mashed potato.

13. Danger Mouse T-Shirt

And James Bond didn’t have “droppings” on the greatest secret agent in the world. He’s the ace AND he’s amazing - beat that, Daniel Craig.

14. London Underground T-Shirt

Nothing like spending a summer’s day on the Underground where you breathe in sweat and body odour with every gulp of stale, hot air. Tasty.

15. Fat Willy’s T-Shirt

Nothing says fun in the sun like Fat Willy’s. …that didn’t sound quite right, but the colourful logo of Cornwall’s most famous surf shack is well overdue a comeback.

16. Shandy T-Shirt

Because even though everyone says it’s ‘for girls’, we all actually know that it’s the best drink for summer afternoons in the pub. What’s a better cocktail than lemonade and lager!?

17. Morecambe & Wise T-Shirt

Because if there’s anything we want this summer, it’s a few laughs, plenty of of fun, sunshine and love. And to do that trick with the invisible ball landing in the paper bag.

18. Got any other ideas? Stick them below!

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