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18 Times Celebs Were Rightly Called Out This Week

Let's keep 'em accountable.

1. Chrissy Teigen faced backlash after tweeting about accidentally ordering a $13,000 bottle of wine at dinner, a struggle that few could relate to.

one time john and I were at a restaurant and the waiter recommended a nice Cabernet. We got the bill and it was 13,000 dollars. HOW DO U CASUALLY RECOMMEND THAT WINE. we didn’t even finish it and it had been cleared!!!

Chrissy Teigen / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Flaunting your wealth during a pandemic that has left many unemployed is probably not a great idea, but hey, at least that server hopefully got a great tip.

2. Sia apologized for her problematic depiction of an autistic girl (which included the use of restraints against the character) in her new film, then deleted her Twitter account.

3. Olivia Newton-John called accusations that Grease is problematic "silly" and said that the film shouldn't be taken so seriously.

4. James Corden faced renewed backlash after his performance as a gay man in Prom was nominated for a Golden Globe.

James Corden in Prom

5. Kylie Jenner once again ignored COVID-19 restrictions to throw daughter Stormi a 3rd birthday party.

instagram story showing Stormi, Kylie, Travis, and their families

6. It was revealed that Rita Ora reportedly gave a London restaurant £5,000 to break COVID restrictions and turn off CCTV for her 30th birthday.

Rita Ora

7. Michael Che found himself in hot water after a transphobic joke on Saturday Night Live this week.

Che saying "It's good news, except Biden is calling the policy, 'Don't ask, don't tuck.'"

8. Also on SNL: John Krasinski hosted and kissed Pete Davidson in his monologue. A lot of people enjoyed it, but many others felt it was a cheap attempt at humor.

John and Pete kissing

9. Justin Timberlake confused some people after he called himself an ally of the LGBTQ community.

Justin Timberlake

10. Fans were a little unhappy with Dixie D'Amelio after she talked about not going to college because of her fear that they would play her songs at frat parties.

Dixie saying ""I was also really scared because I saw someone make a TikTok, saying that they would play my songs at a frat party. That's really what like turned me away from going to school"

11. Country singer Morgan Wallen was caught using the n-word, and it was just completely unacceptable.

Morgan Wallen performing

12. Kim Kardashian West was called out for the sizing on her Skims line in a viral TikTok of a girl trying the shapewear on.

13. Tyra Banks was also called out (again) for her treatment of contestants on America's Next Top Model when former contestant Lisa D'Amato posted a video message for Tyra on Instagram.

14. Elisha Applebaum responded to backlash that her character, Musa, on Fate: The Winx Saga was whitewashed, saying that it was "sad to see that fans were upset with the casting."

15. Khloé Kardashian also faced backlash for a tweet in which she used emojis with a darker skin tone than her own.


Khloé Kardashian / Via Twitter: @khloekardashian

Though some claimed she probably chose the emoji for its hair color. IDK, guys.

16. The Hilaria Baldwin drama continued, with Salma Hayek defending her, saying, "We all lie a little bit. She makes my friend happy," and Hilaria herself posting an apology on Instagram.

17. Real Housewife Kelly Dodd made some more insensitive comments about COVID-19, joking that she was a superspreader for not wearing a mask to a restaurant.

Kelly Dodd

18. And finally, in a lighter fail, Gwen Stefani did a pretty bad job of lip-synching her own song on TikTok. She seemed to take those comments that she was failing at TikTok in stride: She thanked a user for calling her out and said that they were right.

Gwen's instagram story of the TikTok comments thanking them for calling her out and saying TikTok isn't for her, but people should help themselves to her music and enjoy

Oof. Do better, y'all. See ya next week!