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    "Fate: The Winx Saga" Actors Have Responded To Some Of The Casting Criticism

    "It's really sad to see that fans were upset with the casting."

    So you might be familiar with the hugely popular Netflix show Fate: The Winx Saga.

    The cast of "Fate: The Winx Saga"

    The show is based on the cartoon Winx Club, with most of the Netflix characters being either inspired by or direct adaptations from the original.

    The animated Winx Club

    However, there was some backlash when it came to the casting of Elisha Applebaum as Musa — who is depicted as East Asian in the cartoon...

    ...And Eliot Salt as Terra, Flora's cousin — instead of Flora herself, a Latinx character.

    Accusations of whitewashing came shortly after the release date was announced:

    Netflix how fucking dare you white wash Flora one of my favorite Winx Club members

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Daviesallison1A

    not netflix whitewashing the asian and latina characters of their live action Winx Club 🤡

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @thepaperreels

    I hate this. Wasn’t Musa asian, and Flora definitely wasn’t white also where tf is Tecna #WinxClub

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @NyxxCraft

    Well, some of the Netflix actors have now addressed the casting. "It's really sad to see that fans were upset with the casting," Elisha told Digital Spy. "I wasn't involved in the casting but I hope that what they've seen and how I've portrayed Musa was to their liking."

    Eliot said that she hopes to see Flora in Season 2, saying, "I think it's really important that we do see [Terra and Flora together] and if we're lucky enough to get a Season 2 that's my greatest hope."

    Flora in the live-action version of the show

    Precious Mustapha, aka Aisha, also said, "The industry is getting to a point where we're starting to see more diversity onscreen, but it's obviously not enough and there's still more work to be done. It's really nice to be on a show where there is a lot of diversity. There could be more and hopefully if we get a Season 2 there will be a lot of that."

    Aisha in the live-action version of the show

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