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    After A Bunch More Backlash, Sia Reportedly Apologized For Her New Movie — Before Deleting Her Entire Account

    "Autistic people don’t have to forgive Sia for the dangerous movie she made."

    Sia appears to have apologized for her movie Music, shortly before deleting her Twitter account.

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    Let's back things up. Sia's new movie faced backlash from the get-go: from the casting of Maddie Ziegler as the titular nonverbal autistic lead, to the involvement of the controversial group Autism Speaks.

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    Sia has previously defended her decisions, especially the casting of Maddie.

    @Sia Well, as an autistic sex worker, I've got to say that this is pretty gross, right here.

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    The movie has caught a new wave of backlash recently for two main reasons: A leaked scene shows Maddie's character being held in a prone restraint during a meltdown:

    @Sia An awfully strange "love letter" it is to promote restraints that have literally killed autistic people...

    Twitter: @cm191993

    @Sia @IMAX Prone restraint is dangerous, counter productive, and should be illegal. The leaked clip clearly represents it as a necessity instead of horrific

    Twitter: @Sayre1971

    Watching this leaked scene from the film has been extremely traumatic for me. It gave me flashbacks. It’s so hard to even write this thread. My hands are trembling and my heart is pounding. Prone restraint is deadly. But this film acts like it’s normal & necessary.

    Twitter: @autisticats

    ...And then the movie was nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

    To every #ActuallyAutistic person who is rightly devastated to see #Sia"s 'Music' nominated for a Golden Globe, I am with you. Disabled people are needed in the industry now more than ever to help change the narrative we're all so sick of. #endableism 💔

    Twitter: @ruth_madeley

    In a series of now-deleted tweets, Sia reportedly wrote "I'm sorry," continuing that there would now be a warning at the beginning of the movie saying that it did not "condone or recommend" the use of restraints.

    "I listened to the wrong people and that is my responsibility, my research was clearly not thorough enough, not wide enough."

    Sia and Maddie posing in matching suits and wigs on the Grammys red carpet

    It's safe to say that her apology didn't go down well with everyone:

    autistic people don’t have to forgive sia for the dangerous movie she made and the way she treated the autistic community, and allistic people don’t get to accept her “apologies.”

    Twitter: @radiantbutch

    I will accept the apology when she rejects her golden globe nomination & removes the film from distribution. Words are simply not good enough at this point. Also - remember - Unless you are autistic, #Sia‘s apology is NOT yours to accept.

    Twitter: @131Jj

    And, after reportedly deleting the tweets, it looks like Sia just went ahead and deleted her entire account:

    We'll keep you posted if Sia comments on the situation further.