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"SNL" Is Facing Accusations Of Transphobia For Michael Che’s "Weekend Update" Joke

"Do better."

Saturday Night Live is facing accusations of transphobia for a joke aired as part of last night's "Weekend Update."

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During the segment, host Michael Che said, "President Biden signed an executive order repealing Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military. It's good news, except Biden is calling the policy, 'Don't ask, don't tuck.'"

It didn't take long for people on Twitter to call out the joke for transphobia:

literally what will it take for michael che to stop writing transphobic jokes

Twitter: @ohplzkelli

What is Saturday Night Live's weird obsession with transphobic nonsense? I honestly don't get it. It's so lazy and sad. Last night, Michael Che joked about the repeal of the trans ban being called "don't ask, don't tuck" -- who is this "joke" for?

Twitter: @cmclymer

Honestly @nbcsnl we've been mocked enough for 1 eternity. Do better. I'm tired of our genitalia & our existence being discussed, obsessed about & laughed at. #transisbeautiful

Twitter: @plasticmartyr

Didn't watch SNL tonight but wasn't surprised at all to learn that Michael Che used the lifting of the transgender military ban to be his usual transphobic self. His transphobia is not funny and he needs to ask himself why he wants to be in the same category as JKR. #SNL

Twitter: @DanielleSATM

The same day that SOPHIE passes away, #SNL decides to do a transphobic joke. Jesus christ, #SNL.

Twitter: @Matthew_Pb

This isn't the first time Michael has been accused of being transphobic on SNL — he previously deadnamed and misgendered Caitlyn Jenner in a 2019 "Weekend Update."

We'll keep you posted if Michael or NBC comments on the situation.