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Rita Ora Apparently Gave A Restaurant Thousands Of Dollars To Break COVID Rules For Her Birthday And, Of Course, The Internet Had Thoughts

*Deep exhale.*

Rita Ora is in some hot water over her 30th birthday party.

Rita Ora posing at an event wearing a dress with a feathered and bejeweled collar, drop earrings, and her hair in an updo

According to the police, Rita's team gave a London restaurant £5,000 ($6,865) to break lockdown rules for her birthday in November.

Plus, Rita's security team reportedly asked for the CCTV cameras to be turned off.


On the day before the party, Rita posted on her birthday, writing, "It felt weird not doing anything for my bday so being me I dressed up and ate cake."

Rita has previously apologized for the party via an IG story: "I attended a small gathering with some friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was a spur of the moment decision."

She's also been part of campaigns to raise money for those affected by the coronavirus, including a UNICEF video where she said, "Together we can help stop the spread of the coronavirus."

As for the internet's reaction, some responded with humor:

Rita Ora and her friends when they see CCTV in a restaurant

Twitter: @shane_reaction_

Rita Ora’s negotiation tactics to open a restaurant and turn off their CCTV during lockdown. https://t.co/RIKoPdIt2X

Twitter: @htj86

Whereas others took things more seriously:

“Rita Ora made a mistake” they said, as her team offered £5K to break the COVID restrictions and turned off all the CCTV for 24 hours. Sis knew what she was doing. 🥴

Twitter: @alexrussisdead

Flicking through Sky News on my phone I've just seen these headlines next to each other. "Hospital staff bring elderly couple dying with COVID-19 together for final moments" "CCTV at Rita Ora's birthday party was switched off, police say" I am angry and sad in equal measures

Twitter: @GrandadWheels

We'll keep you posted if Rita chooses to comment on the situation further.