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    John Krasinski And Pete Davidson Kissed On "SNL" And The Internet Is Divided

    Move over, Madonna and Britney.

    On Saturday, SNL returned after its holiday hiatus with John Krasinski as host and Machine Gun Kelly as the musical guest.

    John hosting Saturday Night Live
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    As a ~media professional~, I'm obviously very aware that John Krasinski has done many impressive things, like writing and directing A Quiet Place, starring in Jack Ryan, and marrying Emily Blunt.


    But when I tuned into the show at 11:30 p.m., I took one look at my screen and said, "Hey, look! It's Jim from The Office."

    John shrugging

    The show clearly anticipated this reaction because they created an entire skit around it, featuring various cast members posing as audience members who just wanted to know why their beloved Jim was suddenly buff and where his wife, Pam, was.

    John takes questions from the audience about The Office and…actually just The Office.

    Twitter: @nbcsnl

    It was a cute, nostalgic four minutes, but it wasn't until the 4:07 mark when things took a turn for the...amorous. Namely, when Pete Davidson joined John on stage...

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    ...and they kissed!

    Nbc / Getty Images

    Look, maybe I've just been alone in quarantine for far too long, but their lil' lip lock made me feel some type of way!!


    And I wasn't the only one. The internet was in a goddamn tizzy.



    Nbc / Getty Images

    a pete davidson and john krasinski kiss was not what i asked for but exactly what i needed

    Twitter: @petearchives

    Many people were very into it!

    I turned on SNL to hopefully see some MGK/Pete Davidson action and instead got to see Pete Davidson kissing John Krasinski. This is fabulous.

    Twitter: @meee_shell

    Me explaining to my future children how covid lockdowns eventually lead to John Krasinski and Pete Davidson kissing on #SNL

    Twitter: @DossickCarly

    i will gladly play the role of jim or pam in this situation

    Twitter: @sam1298

    Though, that being said, some others pointed out that using two straight men kissing for laughs...well...isn't funny.

    SNL this week, last week, every week, always and forever: “The joke is it’s two guys! They kissed! Get it?!?! It’s hilarious! THEY’RE GUYS! Hahahahahaha”

    Twitter: @kpfallon

    If your TV show thinks a same-sex kiss is edgy, it might need to A) climb out of 2003; B) get new writers; or C) both. #SNL

    Twitter: @MarkJacob16

    Am I the only one who feels like one of the lowest hanging fruits of comedy is guy x guy kissing? And maybe we should move past it?

    Twitter: @KrisKelkar

    What did you think of the kiss? Tell us in the comments.

    The Teen Choice Award for “Best Kiss” goes to.. ✉️🏆 Pete Davidson and John Krasinski

    Twitter: @RealJuliaKloss

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