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    Updated on Apr 27, 2020. Posted on Apr 23, 2020

    23 Really Wild Things That Have Happened On TikTok So Far This Year

    How have there only been four months in 2020?

    1. People dipped their balls in soy sauce and claimed they could taste it.


    oh.. my god..... 🤭😳

    ♬ original sound - alxjames

    2. And this poor guy had his balls speared by a pole vault.


    That one time the pole went through my nuts... 18 stitches! ##fail ##polevault ##athletics ##trackandfield ##ouch

    ♬ Mask Off - 抖音小助手

    3. A teenager had to go to the hospital after getting a harmonica stuck in her mouth.

    4. A pregnant mom peed all over a grocery store and people had a lot of thoughts.


    When you are in your third trimester with baby number four and can’t control your bladder. ##mombladder ##fourbabies ##hemademelaugh

    ♬ Splish Splash - Good Timers

    5. A nurse had the audacity to say that "the best way to prevent STDs is waiting for sex until marriage. Just the truth." I repeat, A NURSE.

    if i go to get tested and the nurse tell me i should have waited till marriage SOMEONE is getting knocked tf out

    6. A girl almost got her fingertip amputated from biting her nails, and we were all scared shitless.

    7. Speaking of shit, this girl had her insides torn apart after the water from a Jet Ski went shooting up her butthole.

    8. A brave volunteer demonstrated that some types of packing peanuts are edible.

    9. A mom went off on a man who was being creepy toward her daughter, and she became everyone's hero.

    10. A girl recorded the heartbreaking moment when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.


    “i’ll never cheat on you”

    ♬ original sound - babycarlie

    11. A guy's life was saved after a TikTok user noticed an atypical mole on his back in one of his videos.


    What do you think of my wound?

    ♬ Thanks Tik Tok - alexgriswold

    13. This family taught us about their brachydactyly, aka tiny hands.


    Small hands = small juice... us mini-handers know our limits @imnotmadimpissed @elizabethqualls8

    ♬ original sound - hawyeedoin

    14. A teen impersonating a "rude teacher" brought back ALL the traumatizing elementary school memories.


    ##POV: the cafeteria monitor is yelling at everyone because there’s too much litter inside the cafeteria

    ♬ original sound - snarkymarky

    15. Friends ate cereal out of each other's mouths.


    @xvibeats ##pov you have no bowls at your house so you use your friend as one😱😱😂! That laugh at the end 🥴##tiktok

    ♬ No Idea - Don Toliver

    16. A mom broke down crying in the middle of Walmart and showed everyone why bulk buying in a pandemic is a bad idea.

    17. A family kept their spirits high (and ours, too) through themed quarantine dinners.

    18. A waitress proved the older generations wrong by showing the difference between the way boomers left a table vs. Gen Z'ers.


    “They get paid to do that” VS “we know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out”

    ♬ original sound - katebrande

    19. A family turned their garage into "Club Quarantine" so their son could celebrate turning 21.

    20. A husband celebrated his wife's going into labor by doing a TikTok dance in the delivery room.

    21. A girl ordered special boxers for her boyfriend that were supposed to have her face on the crotch, but another girl's face was on it instead (prompting a lot of questions).

    22. Right when we thought the genitals trends were behind us, people started sticking ice cubes up their vaginas for BS "health benefits." A gynecologist debunked it.

    23. And finally, a man became a sex icon after showing people how to cut a banana with a spoon whilst jazz played in the background.


    my second instructional video ft. bananas 🍌 anyone else do this? ##howto ##fyp ##foryou ##helpfultip

    ♬ Chill Night Jazz - The Chillout Saxophone Players

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