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    A Teenager On TikTok Had To Go To The Hospital After Getting A Harmonica Stuck In Her Mouth

    "Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise."

    When we're trying to make people laugh, we don't really think about the potentially negative consequences. I mean, laughter is one of life's greatest joys! But alas, sometimes it comes at a cost.

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    Mollie O'Brien, a high schooler from Ontario, Canada, learned that the hard way when she put an entire harmonica inside her mouth to entertain her little cousin...And it got stuck.

    TikTok / @mollieobrien

    Like any true hero would, she graced us with a suspenseful TikTok about it. In the TikTok, you can hear the harmonica playing inside her mouth. "Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise," she told BuzzFeed.

    "After 30 minutes it hurt, but then it was kinda numb," O'Brien said.

    What was going through her head when she realized she couldn't get the harmonica out, you ask? "For lack of a better word, 'Fuck, my mom will kill me now,'" she said.

    TikTok / @mollieobrien

    O'Brien said her mom wasn't mad, but "she was shocked she raised such a weird kid."

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    Anywho, they rushed to the hospital, where she was referred to her dentist. He used a mechanism to hold her mouth open and remove it.


    Thankfully, there was no damage done. But the dentist had an important message for O'Brien. "He said, 'Let's not do this again, OK dear?'"

    TikTok / @mollieobrien

    I hope you have all learned a valuable lesson today about putting obscenely large objects in places they do not belong.


    But there was one last thing I had to ask O'Brien...How did she fit that whole harmonica in there? "Honestly, it's nature's wonder on how that went in," she said.