A Husband Made A TikTok Of Himself Dancing While His Wife Was In Labor And It Went Viral

    "I was completely shocked that he had the audacity to make a TikTok during my contractions..."

    As any new father would be, 27-year-old Kareem Antar was ecstatic when his wife Krystle went into labor.

    In fact, he was so excited that he decided to film himself doing a TikTok dance in the hospital...while Krystle had contractions in the background.

    "I was completely shocked that he had the audacity to make a TikTok during my contractions," Krystle told BuzzFeed. "But that's typical Kareem, he is just a lovable and goofy guy."

    Now, I've never been in labor, but I've heard through the grapevine that it's not the most pleasant experience.

    So I asked Krystle if — in that moment — she was pissed off beyond belief. "In the moment, yes I was annoyed. However, looking back, I'm happy that the baby gets to see who his dad really is. And that Kareem has one funny character and can make light of any given situation."

    When I asked Krystle about whether their delivery experience was impacted by the coronavirus, she said she was grateful to have her husband with her, but that some aspects were still unnerving. "We were worried if we or the baby would get the virus, since many nurses would come in and out to cater to the baby and myself," she said.

    Thankfully, all three members of the Antar family are in good health and enjoying their new life together! Make sure to keep an eye out for funny new TikToks from Krys and Kareem.