This Woman Fell Off A Jet Ski And The Impact Of The Water Tore Her Insides Apart Through Her Butthole

    Emily Herbert was bleeding from her butthole after falling off a jet ski.

    Guys, you are about to hear a very, very wild and graphic story. So, please, if you can't stomach things, well, don't proceed...

    OK, now let's get to it! This is Emily Herbert. She currently lives in South Dakota and recently got accepted into law school! But a couple of summers ago, she rode a jet ski for the first time...and things did not go well.

    Here, just watch this TikTok and then we'll discuss it:

    BuzzFeed spoke to Emily, who said she was on a jet ski with her boyfriend and didn't realize she needed to hold on the whole time. "We were going maybe 2 mph in the no-wake zone and he did not tell me he was just going to take off once we were out of the no-wake zone. Since I was not holding on, I flew off the back as he continued into the lake," she explained.

    And the second Emily flew off, she blacked out. "When I came to, I was floating — thank god for life vests," she said. "He [her boyfriend] quickly came back to get me and saw that I didn’t have the strength to get back on the jet ski, so he helped me on. He literally had to pull me up out of the water onto the back of the jet ski. I was a complete dead weight and could not move from the pain."

    Her boyfriend then drove them back to a friend's houseboat they were staying on. When her friends were helping her into bed because she was in so much pain, she realized blood was running down her legs. "I thought there was a cut on my leg somewhere, but when I went to the bathroom, I realized my butthole was bleeding," she said.

    Emily said her first thought process was that she had hit her stomach. "When I saw all this blood coming from my butt, I figured that I had hit my abdomen on the end of the jet ski and that the bleeding would subside soon. My stomach was in so much pain, like very bad period cramps. I concluded that I had hit it, and it would feel better soon," she said.

    Later that night, she went back to her apartment and tried to get some rest. "I am not sure if it was shock or loss of blood, but I was not in pain anymore," she said. "I tried to sleep, but could not get comfortable. Each hour, I would notice my stomach getting bigger, and I was still losing blood. Around midnight, I called my friend, Sydney, and told her something did not feel right. My stomach was huge. Being a nursing student, Sydney told me she was on her way to take me to the ER to get me checked out for anything more serious." THANK GOD FOR SYDNEY!

    Once Emily got to the ER, she said it took about two hours for the doctors to figure out the stream of the jet ski went up her butt. "They did ultrasounds and MRIs before concluding that the powerful stream hit me just right to put so much pressure and water into me to tear my rectum, bladder, clitoris, and intestines," she said.

    Thank goodness surgery was a success and Emily had other family in South Dakota and her sorority sisters to help her through her recovery. "I had to learn so much about ileostomy bags [an ileostomy is where the small intestine is moved to an opening in the stomach]. I had to change the bag every couple of days and this was really challenging for me. My skin was super sensitive and would always get torn up and bleed around my stoma, which is the hole where digested food comes out," she said. "However, sometimes food would get stuck in the stoma hole, and I once even had to go back to the ER to get a piece of broccoli removed!"

    Last October, Emily had reversal surgery. "My intestines were healed to the point where I could function without the bag and poop normally with it off — and this recovery was only about a week long! My roommates Regan and Amanda took care of me and helped me heal up. I can poop normally now and I have no complications other than a nasty scar!"

    And, if you're wondering if Emily has ever ridden a jet ski since then...well, she HAS. "Of course, I was apprehensive, but I will not let my fear or past dictate my future. If I did, I would be a hermit! The best way for me to heal was to get back on and show that jet ski who is boss! My message for other people is TO READ THE WARNINGS ON EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY BIG MACHINES LIKE JET SKIS!" So, the moral of this story is, when riding a jet ski, always wear a life jacket, be careful, and HANG ON!