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This TikTok Of A Pregnant Mom Peeing Everywhere In A Grocery Store Has Gone Viral

Splish, splash...

Gather 'round, children! You’re about to witness motherhood at its finest!

This is Texas mom Mallory Dolan. She and husband Dan have four children together...

...And here is a video of when she was pregnant with her fourth child and sprang a leak at Whole Foods:

If you didn't know, not being able to control your bladder is a VERY common thing for people who've had kids.

BuzzFeed spoke with Mallory, who runs the TikTok @dolanfambam with her husband. She explained that at first she had sneezed and PEED A LITTLE in the store. "I showed Dan where I peed and he started laughing and taking a video."

Mallory then PEED A LOT. She said her husband started acting silly and she caught the giggles. "I couldn’t stop laughing and, in return, peeing. I kept walking around to get away from the camera because I was so embarrassed. I didn’t think I had to pee when we got into the store, lol!"

Although Mallory said her kids didn't understand what was going on, some people around her were staring. "People were totes watching, but no one said a word. After the incident, I used some napkins from the salad bar to clean myself and the floor and eventually a worker came and mopped."

At first, Mallory wouldn’t let her husband post the video and they both forgot about it. But when they updated their phones recently, they came across the old video. "I said, 'What the hey, go ahead and post it.'"

And now, the TikTok video has almost 14 million views and is making moms everywhere giggle and relate.

Mallory would also like to remind you that PEE IS STERILE!!!

Phew. All this talk is making me have to tinkle. BYE!