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    This TikTok Of A Woman Who Looks Like Jim And Pam's Daughter As An Adult Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

    Cece, is that you?!

    You don't have to be a fan of The Office to know who the characters Jim and Pam are.

    Jenna Fischer played Pam and John Krasinski played Jim – the characters met and fell in love working at Dunder Mifflin on the show. The two eventually got married and had one daughter and one son: Cecelia (Cece) and Philip.

    Well, a 30-year-old woman named Jenna (I KNOW, IRONIC ALREADY!) McKinley recently posted this TikTok video:

    In the video, which has more than 250,000 views, Jenna jokes that Jim and Pam are her parents and that she is their daughter, Cece.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Jenna, who said she thinks she has Jim's jawline and hair color...

    ...and Pam's eye shape and hair texture.

    Jenna said that the idea for the video came after she posted this TikTok with audio she found on the platform. "The idea to say I was Cecelia came from other TikTokers after they posted many comments in my other videos saying that I looked like I could be Pam and Jim's child."

    "A few die-hard fans are saying I am too old to be their child according to the timeline because Cecelia would be about 10 years old now," said Jenna, explaining that the video was just made for fun and not complete accuracy.

    Anyway, now we know what Cece Halpert MIGHT have looked liked as a grown woman!