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    People On TikTok Are Using Their Mouths As Cereal Bowls Because This Is Life In 2020

    This can't be sanitary.

    Hello. If you came here to see something that makes you question our entire human existence, you've come to the right place, my friend.


    So, there's a trend going around on TikTok called the "Cereal Challenge," and it involves people EATING ACTUAL CEREAL out of their friends' mouths.


    @newrulesband / Via

    They just pour in the cereal...

    @newrulesband / Via

    ...pour in the milk...

    @newrulesband / Via

    ...and grab a spoon and get right in there.

    @newrulesband / Via

    Sometimes, it goes pretty well.


    Ran out of bowls, so I did what any wife would do. 🥴☠️🤣 #cerealchallenge #mouthbowl #fyp

    ♬ original sound - brentrivera
    @mommac_ / Via

    Other times, not so much.


    xvibeats #pov you have no bowls at your house so you use your friend as one😱😱😂! That laugh at the end 🥴#tiktok

    ♬ No Idea - Don Toliver
    @joshuagancas / Via

    And sometimes, it isn't even a human doing the challenge!!!


    make this go viral he yakked in the bathroom after this🤢🤢 #cerealchallenge #TalkToAnimals #fyp #foryou

    ♬ Yummy - Justin Bieber


    @user171772282 / Via

    I'm sorry, but this CANNOT be sanitary!? I mean, I'm a little intrigued, but also like, EW??????


    Thank you TikTok, for proving that nothing is sacred. I'll be over here, gagging.

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    Would you try the Cereal Challenge? Sound off in the comments!

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