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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Dec 30, 2014

50 Old Things You Still Really Cared About In 2014

These were the top posts that made you feel the nostalgia.

2. 35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now


Crispy M&M’s have gone the way of the buffalo.

3. 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood


The mems…the mems.

4. 58 Extremely Disappointing Facts About The Class Of 2018


And it's also HEARTBREAKING.

6. The One Thing You Never Noticed In “Back To The Future”

Universal Pictures

Great Scott!

7. 23 Songs Every Former Emo Kid Will Never Forget

Universal Music

XxscenexX for life.

9. 31 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Understand


Ugh, like waiting for AOL dial-up!

10. "The Little Rascals" Re-Created Their Movie Poster 20 Years Later

22 Vision

And it made us feel OLD.

12. Which ’80s Cartoon Series Are You?

Atlantic Releasing / Hallmark Entertainment / De Laurentiis entertainment Group / Everett Collection/ Graphic by Chris Ritter for Buzzfeed

Were you a natural leader like He-Man or a quirky individual like Rainbow Brite?

13. 35 Awesome Toys Every ’80s Girl Wanted For Christmas


And maybe still want.

14. 24 Cartoons On The First Episode Vs. The Last Episode


15. 38 Things You Will Never Experience Again


Like the smell of a brand-spankin’-new one of these!

16. The Cast Of “Napoleon Dynamite” Then And Now

Fox Searchlight & Getty / Valerie Macon

SPOILER: Kip is kinda hot.

17. 63 Magical Disney Movie Facts You Should Know


Did you know Aladdin’s face was modeled after Tom Cruise’s?

19. Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?

Disney/Justine Zwiebel for BuzzFeed

20. Which ’90s Kids Movies Have You Seen?

Disney / Via

21. 27 Jokes You Definitely Didn’t Understand When You Were 10


Like, um, Spongebob’s new outfit. :(

22. 23 Disturbing Santa Claus Photos That Will Wreck Your Christmas


They were all Santas created in the depths of hell!

24. FYI, This Is What That Little Girl From The Missy Elliott Videos Looks Like Today

Sony Music

Oof. It will make you feel truly old.

26. 33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid


Like when Rocko had a brief stint as a phone sex operator.

27. We Did An In-Depth Analysis Of 21 Disney Female Leads

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed

And there was some magical things that were discovered.

28. 59 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Were A Teenager In The Early 2000s

MTV / Via

Like the shock you felt when you saw this iconic kiss.

29. 101 Things You Cared About 10 Years Ago (But Don’t At All Today)

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Remember when you wanted a Sidekick and thought Lindsay Lohan was a good actress?

30. 35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With

Frazier Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on The Simple Life were perfection.

31. 65 Feelings Kids Today Will Never Understand


Like the frustration of fitting a CD player in your pocket.

32. 57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses


Did you know Belle is the only Disney Princess to have hazel eyes?

33. 21 Smells ’90s Girls Will Never Forget


Cucumber Melon FTW.

34. How Many Iconic ’80s Films Have You Seen?

Universal Pictures

35. This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princes Look Like In Real Life

Disney / Getty Images

Yup, Christopher Daniel Barns -- who is best known for playing Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie -- voiced Prince Eric.

36. 23 Incredible Photos Of Actors Vs. The Historical Figures They Played

Warner Bros. / Via

These A-listers nailed the whole acting thing.

38. What The World Was Like When The Class Of 2018 Was Born

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

It was time when people thought it was OK to go out in public dressed like this.

39. This Is What The Cast Of “Titanic” Looks Like Today

Paramount Pictures

40. 34 Ways Disney Movies Are Completely And Totally Messed Up


No wonder we’re all so screwed up as adults.


Let's be honest, these “cinematic masterpieces” have not stood the test of time.

42. Here’s What The Cast Of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Looks Like Now

20th Century Fox Television

43. 35 Ways Nicktoons Were Way Darker Than You Remember


As tOld By tHE dELiA’s CAtALoG.

46. 43 Things That Will Actually Make You Feel Old


FYI: The Spice Girls' “Wannabe” turned 18 years old this year!

Getty Images
Michael Kovac / Getty Images / Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Like a fine wine.

48. 20 Halloween Costumes That Will Destroy Your Childhood


Well, maybe not if you have a thing for "sexy" Cabbage Patch Dolls.

49. 29 Things Every ’90s Kid Still Dreams Of Doing

Cartoon Network / Via

Like catching a Pokémon IRL.

50. 60 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The 2000s

Scott Gries / Getty Images

TRL perfection: Solange, Jessica Simpson, Eve, Nelly, Destiny’s Child, Dream, AND 3LW (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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