31 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Understand

It was so real it still hurts.

1. The disappointment of downloading a song from LimeWire and it being some shitty Kidz Bop version.

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2. That heartbreaking moment when you tried to burn a CD and weren’t able to because there wasn’t enough space.

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3. Going to the library and looking through so many books to work on a research paper.

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4. Or having to use Encarta.

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5. Trying to figure out directions with a physical fold-out map.

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6. Waiting for AOL dial-up.

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7. And then getting disconnected when your mom picked up the phone.

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8. Renting a VHS and finding that someone disobeyed the “be kind, please rewind” policy.

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9. And not being able to skip to a certain scene with the click of a button.

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10. Omfg, this:

ID: 3323045

11. Waiting 800 years for files to download or save on your Gateway.

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12. Running home from school to make it in time to see music videos on TRL.

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13. Saving your papers to a floppy disk.

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14. Trying to listen to your music while exercising, but the CD player keeps skipping.

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15. CALLING to book a flight.

ID: 3323264

16. Going to Walmart and waiting a day for your disposable photos to develop.

ID: 3323292

17. Looking through endless Yellow Pages to find a number.

ID: 3323349

18. Spending hours upon hours trying to perfect your AOL profile page.

ID: 3323369

19. And your Myspace page.

ID: 3323373

20. Waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could record it to a tape.

ID: 3323379

21. Wanting to know the lyrics to a song but the booklet in front of the CD case only has the song titles.

ID: 3323402

22. Scratching your CDs and not being able to listen to your fave playlist.

ID: 3323460

23. Blowing on your cartridges to “fix” your Nintendo game.

ID: 3323478

24. Planning to meet up with a friend when you really don’t feel like it, but they’re already on the way and you have no way of contacting them.

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25. Needing to mail out your bills but you ran out of stamps.

ID: 3323628

26. Missing the final episode of your favorite show and having to wait till next summer to find out what happened.

ID: 3323654

27. Answering the phone without knowing who was calling.

ID: 3323661

28. Or taping a TV show over an old home video by accident.

ID: 3323670

29. Recognizing an actor but not being able to find out who it was.

ID: 3323679

30. Driving to F.Y.E. or a record store to buy concert tickets.

ID: 3323721

31. And not being able to stream endless cat videos anywhere, any time.

ID: 3323771

Basically, it’s real.

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