The One Thing You Never Noticed In “Back To The Future”

Great Scott! You missed it this entire time.

1. Of course everyone remembers the near-perfect film Back to the Future. But did you know the classic 1985 film has one of the best Easter eggs ever?

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2. Near the beginning of the film, Marty is woken up by a phone call from Doc Brown, who wants to meet him at the mall to film an experiment (which is of course the time machine).

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3. The mall that Marty meets Doc at is named Twin Pines Mall.

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4. Of course, the mall is also the location where Marty time travels back to 1955 from, after Doc Brown is killed by Libyan terrorists.

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5. In 1955, the location where Twin Pines Mall would be is a ranch owned by a man named Mr. Peabody, who happens to mistake Marty and the DeLorean time machine for a Martian and a UFO.

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6. As Marty flees Mr. Peabody’s ranch — so that he wouldn’t be killed — he happens to run over one of two pines that sit near the Peabodys’ house.

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7. The ranch happened to be named after those two pines: Twin Pines Ranch.

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8. While in 1955, Marty is told by Doc that any actions he takes will have serious consequences and could potentially change the future.

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9. When Marty eventually goes back to 1985, he sets the time machine back a few minutes earlier, to give him time to get to the mall and try to stop Doc from being killed.

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10. But, Marty doesn’t go back to the same mall. In fact, there was a big clue in front of him that he had already altered the future. The mall was now called Lone Pine Mall.

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11. Yup, Marty and us viewers got an early clue that he had changed the future.

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