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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Help Return These Photos Lost In Sandy To Their Owners

A Facebook group is helping residents of a New Jersey town hit hard by Hurricane Sandy recover their family photographs lost in the storm.

Woman's Campaign To Rebuild Family's Storm-Damaged Community Goes Viral

Fire Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, but Lauren Forman's online campaign could help it rebuild.

Military Vets Volunteer To Clean Up Sandy Damage

Team Rubicon pitch in at the hard-hit New York neighborhood of Far Rockaway.

How Social Media Is Aiding The Hurricane Sandy Recovery

"You don't need to ask someone 'in charge' what addresses need help. You can help yourself help someone else."

Obama Visits Sandy's New York Wreckage

President Obama surveyed the damage wrought by Sandy in New York. Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo, Janet Napolitano, and other officials were in tow.

For Domestic Violence Survivors, Hurricane's Impact Is Particularly Severe

"We always worry that they'll feel like, I'm going to be out on the street with my kids, so I'm just going to have to go back to him," says the director of a service agency.

10 Moving Thank-You Notes Of Hurricane Sandy

Signs, many of them handmade, thank first responders and donors for all their help since the storm hit.

23 Photos Of Sandy's Devastation Two Weeks Later

Millions of peoples' lives have gone back to normal post-Sandy, but some residents of New York and New Jersey are still struggling to recover from the storm's destruction.

Watch A Coach's Beautiful Speech To Students Hit Hard By Hurricane Sandy

"We take care of our business and then we go home to deal with the dark." Beach Channel, a high school in the Rockaways, was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, but its football team played on, and their coach's pep talk was a tour de force.

Cory Booker Brings Free Hot Pockets To The Citizens Of Newark

After an amazing Twitter conversation between Cory Booker and one Newark citizen who ran out of Hot Pockets during Hurricane Sandy, the snack food company decided to lend a hand.

Sandy: The Morning After

More storm-rattled than ravaged, my hometown of Millburn, New Jersey is a pretty good example of what many NYC-area suburbs looked like the morning after Sandy.

How To Cheat NYC's New Gas Rationing Rule

Warning: Plates (and pop culture reference) outdated.

Snow Piles Up On Sandy's Destruction

New York and New Jersey just can't catch a break. Still-recovering regions saw between three and thirteen inches of snow Wednesday.

Hurricane Puts A Blood Ban Back In The Spotlight

Hurricane Sandy means an urgent need for blood donations. But gay men still can't donate.

13 People Trying To Trade Gas For Sex On Craigslist

It was probably inevitable that the gas shortages in New York and New Jersey would lead to this.

LGBT Homeless Center Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy

The Ali Forney Center's main location was devastated when the storm hit New York City.

NYC Art Designer's Awesome Hurricane Sandy Relief Shirts

These are really cool and 100% of profits go to Hurricane Sandy relief. I can't decide which one I want.

Occupy Movement Finds A Mission In Sandy's Wake

A fading crusade is finally working: "guerrilla volunteering" for Occupy Sandy.

Marathoners Run To Deliver Supplies To Hurricane Victims

Hundreds of runners banded together on the day of the marathon to help those most affected by Sandy.

37 Signs Of Hope After Hurricane Sandy

The funny, the absurd, and the truly inspiring. People can be great sometimes.

The Spirit Of Staten Island In 27 Pictures

Staten Island will rise again!

New Orleans 4th Graders Write Love Letters To New York And New Jersey

"If the storm doesn't go by fast I will build your city back."

Two Dogs Helping Rescue People After Sandy

Dogs are lifesavers, literally.

21 Moving Pictures Of The Children Of Hurricane Sandy

While their parents struggle to keep them warm and fed, these kids make it through an experience they will never forget.

Bruce Springsteen And Jon Bon Jovi Sing For Sandy Relief

Bon Jovi performed "Who Says You Can't Go Home" and "Living On A Prayer" on NBC's Hurricane Benefit Show last night, backed by photos of the devastation in his own hometown area. Springsteen closed the show with "Land of Hope and Dreams."

Lower Manhattan Black Out

Footage taken on 11/1/12. Set to George Gershwin's "Prelude For a Piano No. 1."

Why I'm Relieved I'm Not Running The NYC Marathon

I've been training for months. But canceling the race was the right thing to do.

Displaced, Stressed, And Bored At Atlantic City's Borgata

Sandy refugees find solace in Sex and the City slot machines.

6 Pics Of A Flooded NYC Subway Station

The water ran high. Real high.

Join BuzzFeed To Help Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

Let's come together to raise money to help the people who are still suffering and rebuilding in New York and New Jersey.

When The City That Never Sleeps Refuses To Sleep

Despite the power outage in lower Manhattan, businesses have been running as best they can to serve the neighbors who need them. Even when power returns, things won't get back to normal for weeks.

Meanwhile, In Staten Island

Considering what they've been through, this guy can do whatever the hell he wants.

Tight-Knit Staten Islanders Have Nowhere To Go

Rage boils over on the South Shore, where recovery isn't moving fast enough. "Where are you gonna go? Next door?"

Pitch Black In The City That Never Sleeps

New York like you've never seen it.

11 Sweet And Strange Missed Connections Of Hurricane Sandy

"I was charmed by your delicate and sophisticated appearance and your tolerance of the chaos we were subjected to."

Model Uses Hurricane Sandy Devastation As Photoshoot Backdrop

Posing on top of a tree that just crushed a car will be great for the portfolio.

Snooki Is Donating Her Famous Slippers To Hurricane Victims

Along with bags of other clothes to send warmth to those in need.

21 Images That Show Why The NYC Marathon Was Canceled

The Bloomberg Administration has relented and postponed the marathon. The NYC Marathon starts in Staten Island just before the Verrazano Bridge. South Beach, a neighborhood nearby, suffered tremendous damage from Sandy. Here are 21 photos of what it looks like in some places there.

Even Sandy Can't Stop New Yorkers From Being New Yorkers

New Yorkers are a special breed of people. Here's how they've dealt with the disaster so far.

BuzzFeed's OPs & Dev Team

As they bring our servers back online post Sandy

Harrowing Note Found In The Aftermath Of Sandy

"I don't think I'm going to make it."

A Picture Of What Hurricane Sandy Would Look Like If It Hit Europe

This picture, via the BBC, really puts things in perspective.

20 Bleak Photos Of The Northeast Gas Shortage

Fuel is in short supply as lines stretch for blocks, from downtown Manhattan to New Jersey.

Two Massive Generators Running In Central Park Power New York City Marathon

And a third generator is idling nearby in case one of these fails, the New York Post reports.

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