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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy: The Morning After

More storm-rattled than ravaged, my hometown of Millburn, New Jersey is a pretty good example of what many NYC-area suburbs looked like the morning after Sandy.

When The City That Never Sleeps Refuses To Sleep

Despite the power outage in lower Manhattan, businesses have been running as best they can to serve the neighbors who need them. Even when power returns, things won't get back to normal for weeks.

21 Images That Show Why The NYC Marathon Was Canceled

The Bloomberg Administration has relented and postponed the marathon. The NYC Marathon starts in Staten Island just before the Verrazano Bridge. South Beach, a neighborhood nearby, suffered tremendous damage from Sandy. Here are 21 photos of what it looks like in some places there.

Katrina's Aftermath Offers Lessons For Sandy

"The old top-down thing didn't work well in New Orleans," says an expert. "We lost many months as people tried to impose solutions that turned out to be ill-advised or unwelcome."

How The Hurricane Bonded Hardened New Yorkers

Without power or running water in downtown Manhattan, people were helping one another however they could, bonding with those they've lived alongside for years but have never bothered to know.

Jersey Shore Roller Coaster Swept Out To Sea

A roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ, spotted this morning out in the ocean. "There has been billions of dollars in damage here, I could never have imagined it," said Bill Akers, Seaside Heights mayor, this morning. Very sad.

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