11 Animals Who Are Prepared For The Frankenstorm

In your face, Sandy!

1. This dog knew it’s important to get to the grocery store early…

2. But this puppy already had his non-perishable drinks on hand.

3. This cat has his emergency candles ready to go.

4. This hamster has plenty of rainy-day activities planned.

5. But this puppy knows when to just hunker down and hide in your “go-bag.”

6. This cat has wine for the Frankenstorm party!

7. …but you’re definitely gonna want to party with this guy when the power goes out.

8. This bunny is no fool and called ahead for pizza.

9. This collie smartly has his flashlight ready to go…

10. And this kitty is filling her bathtub full of water.

11. But these guys know that the best way to get through a storm… is to hunker down with your friends!

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